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SWiSHmax 501)   SWiSHmax 3.0
SWiSHmax has everything you need to create stunning fully interactive Flash animations. SWiSHmax includes 230 ready-to-use effects, drawing tools, timeline and sophisticated scripting language. You can import vector art, images animation and sounds

Password Magic 502)   Password Magic 1.0
Password Magic securely stores your passwords and other confidential information in an encrypted data base, retrieves the information to fill out web order forms or complete web logins automatically. Online order forms are quick and easy.

Geo Log Analyzer Lite 503)   Geo Log Analyzer Lite 1.1
Use this unique e-marketing tool to visually represent geo-targeting data obtained from web server log analysis. See your visitors on the world map. Optimize web site costs and bring more customers to your web-enterprise!

Simple Internet Fax 504)   Simple Internet Fax 3.3
SIF allows you to send messages to faxes, e-mail addresses, and phones(regular or mobile) from your PC via Internet and also save your money on sending faxes outside your local area.

El Kartero Professional Ed. 505)   El Kartero Professional Ed. 1.10
El kartero is a fast massive e-mailer that allows you to create a template with your message and automatically send highly-visual, personally customized emails from a database.

RSS Magnet Reader 506)   RSS Magnet Reader 1.62
RSS Magnet is a news aggregator. A desktop application that downloads the latest news and displays it in a webpage. A native .Net application, meaning it runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP

FTP Client Uploader Creator for Mac 507)   FTP Client Uploader Creator for Mac 5.0
A tool for creating unlimited pre-configured FTP upload droplets (FTP clients). A droplet (FTP client) will upload files and folders to an FTP server. Files and folders are just dragged and dropped onto the droplet to start the upload.

iMacros Web Automation and WebSite Testing 508)   iMacros Web Automation and WebSite Testing 5.10
Automate web tasks: Data upload, image download, online marketing, click links and web test sites. Browsing, form filling, Flash, Java and data extraction can be recorded into an Internet macro. Supports batch files and VBS (WSH) scripts and ActiveX.

Auction Monitor 509)   Auction Monitor 3.0.2
100 Day FREE trial with 5 FREE SMS text alerts, monitor your items and competitors, save schedules, choice of alerts for new, winning and failed bids, search for ebay items, 10 minute alert screen auto starts, snipe bids, eBay UK,USA,Canada,Australia

STS ColdFusion Admin Assistant 510)   STS ColdFusion Admin Assistant 1.2
Create and manage visual models of web application workflows using MS Visio.

Happy XP-3000 Scroller Menu 511)   Happy XP-3000 Scroller Menu 1.30
Easy-to-use scroller menu to help visitors around your site. Designed for use down the side of your website. Uses an elegant XP-3000 design. Online configuration tool. Supports line-wrapping and many more features.

Etymonix MPEG-2 Video Codec 512)   Etymonix MPEG-2 Video Codec 1.10
Professional-quality MPEG-2 I-frame software-only Video for Windows codec. Preserves video quality while providing better compression than lossless solutions. Ideal for video editing. There is no logo overlay in the registered version.

GetMeSoft 513)   GetMeSoft 1.1
Still doing search in Google for new software? Heh. May be better do it just in one click? IE toolbar, no spyware.

MyPCDrive 514)   MyPCDrive 1.0.69
MyPCDrive(tm) is an easy to use tool that lets you access your PC's files from anywhere on the Internet, using just a web browser.

AteoMessenger 515)   AteoMessenger 2.2
AteoMessenger is a custom instant messenger application with webcam support. It is able to send the webcam frames both by p2p (direct connection) or trough server if direct connection is not possible due to firewall/gateway.

Associate-O-Matic 516)   Associate-O-Matic 3.0
Build and customize a complete Amazon Associate Store in literally minutes. Free and paid versions make it accessible to anyone. Control the look and feel from top to bottom. No programming or database required.

iSpQ Video Chat 517)   iSpQ Video Chat 7.5.70
iSpQ “Eye Speak” VideoChat is affordable, easy-to-use web cam software that lets you connect with people from around the world in a thriving online community. Features include: photo instant messaging, multi-person videoconferencing and more!

httpZip 518)   httpZip 3.8.4
Port80's httpZip Microsoft IIS Web server software accelerates sites, speeds up Web-based apps, and reduces bandwidth costs dramatically. HTTP compression shrinks the size of common Web files safely and automatically provides browser compatibility.

BadBlue Excel Web Spreadsheet Collaboration Server 519)   BadBlue Excel Web Spreadsheet Collaboration Server 2.71
Share Excel files, photos, music, videos, and business documents securely. BadBlue is one of the easiest web servers ever created. You can get started in seconds and it is much easier to use than an FTP server or Apache. Get BadBlue today!

CodeThatTree JavaScript Tree 520)   CodeThatTree JavaScript Tree 2.2.9
CodeThatTree is an advanced cross-browser state-of-art JavaScript tree control that can be easily integrated in any web page, requires no JavaScript knowledge from the prospective user and is provided with the wide range of the features.

Job Site Builder 521)   Job Site Builder 1.3
Job Site Builder 1.3 was created for organizations engaged in recruiting and job seeking. The site allows an easy registration as for JobSeekers so for Employers.

Flash Optimizer (Lite Edition) 522)   Flash Optimizer (Lite Edition) 1.16
Flash Optimizer (Lite Edition) manages to reduce your SWF files size up to 60-70% thanks to amazing algorithms of vectors, shapes, morphing, curves, fonts and Zlib optimization.

WebCam Navigator 523)   WebCam Navigator 0.22b
Der WebCam Navigator ist ein Tool mit dem Sie WebCam's im Internet Betrachten können ohne die jeweilige Internetseite Besuchen zu müssen. WebCam's können in einzelne Kategorien sortiert, als Vollbild betrachtet und die Bilder gespeichert werden

FastSeek 524)   FastSeek 2.00
FastSeek - the advanced search tool for targeted infomation, is designed to extract customized information (such as email addresses, phone/fax numbers, Zip codes etc.) from a batch of web sites or pages simultaneously.

E-Store Builder Modules Support - Food and Drinks 525)   E-Store Builder Modules Support - Food and Drinks 2.5
Feature for feature, E-Store Builder is one of the most powerful eCommerce Solutions in the world. Module structure: Shipping Support, Taxation Support, Suppliers Support, Dealers Support, Coupons Support, Module "Manufacturers", Gifts & Related...

PHP Job Site Creator 526)   PHP Job Site Creator 2.5
Job Site Creator 2.5 was created for organizations engaged in recruiting and job seeking. The site allows an easy registration as for JobSeekers so for Employers.

Stealth Privacy Protector 527)   Stealth Privacy Protector 1.2
Eliminate all evidence from your hard drive and protect your privacy. Clean out all your secrets/files of your browser's cache, cookies, sites visited, urls visited, images viewed, media files played and forms files.

iProtectYou 528)   iProtectYou 6.04
Internet Filtering / ParentalControl Software that protectskids from harmful informationon the Internet

FastSMS III Corporate 529)   FastSMS III Corporate 3.5
FastSMS III Corporate - the new version for Text Messaging Service! Corporate version is built up especially for those people who require the facility to send a text message to the whole group of recipients at the same time.

Putty Toolkit 530)   Putty Toolkit 20050903
The various putty tools in a simple installer that makes it easy to add/remove/upgrade the tools in your computer or on a public terminal. Creates Start menu options on install for easy access.

SNMPTest 531)   SNMPTest 1.03
SNMP Test for routers is a tool which can query and monitor any SNMP-compatible device but it is especially designed to test SNMP router compatibility.

Albion BookLink 532)   Albion BookLink 2.3
Does every book related link point to the wrong book store in the wrong country or on the wrong continent? This simple (and free) Internet Explorer add-in lets *you* select a link and choose which which book site to go to.

Stop Messenger Service Ads! 533)   Stop Messenger Service Ads! 1.0
Stop those pesky Messenger Service advertisements!

Bombino (4) 2005 534)   Bombino (4) 2005 1.1.0
Bombino is a small but powerful skype plugin for creating conferences on-demand via SMS. It can be used to call skype user from ordinary phone also.

Happy Trad-3D2 Ticker Menu 535)   Happy Trad-3D2 Ticker Menu 1.30
Easy-to-use ticker menu to navigate your website. Designed for top bar navigation from the top of your page. Uses a refreshing Trad-3D2 design. Online configuration tool. Supports script triggers and many more features.

FreeWIT 536)   FreeWIT 4.21
FreeWIT is a content manager and a web site builder, that makes it easy to create, organize and maintain your Web or Intranet site. Both powerfull and simple, build your full site in seconds, and stay focused on what you mean.

Private Shell SSH Client 537)   Private Shell SSH Client 2.1
Private Shell is an advanced and easy-to-use SSH and SFTP client for Windows providing remote computer access with SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. Major features include full SSH protocol support, public key authentication, configuration wizard and more

BayWatcher Pro 538)   BayWatcher Pro 6.85
Umfassende Software für Käufer und Verkäufer der Onlineauktion eBay. Der integrierte Funktionsumfang vereinfacht den Umgang mit eBay, erweitert die Möglichkeiten der Suche, Beobachtung und Analyse von Auktionen.

Happy Aqua-R Button-bar Menu 539)   Happy Aqua-R Button-bar Menu 1.30
Easy-to-use button menu to guide people through your pages. Place it along the top of your site. Uses an attractive Aqua-R style. Online configuration tool. Supports user-definable multi-state icons and many more features.

Mobile Navigator 540)   Mobile Navigator 3.0b
Mobile Navigator works with your cell phone via PC. You are be able to change/add phonebook records, organizer entries, send SMS to one or multiple users, manage your call lists, get extended info on your mobile, upload logotypes, melodies, more...

Go Bar 541)   Go Bar 1.00
Go Bar Desktop Misspell Search Tool Save $1000's Get a Desktop Version of our popular search. We have made searching as simple as clicking the easy GO button right from your desktop.

IPUP 542)   IPUP 2.40
Acts as both client and server program. IPUP will sit quite happily on your system tray and even email you when an IP notification is received, ideal if you are away from the office and need to easily get your clients IP address.

Flash Video Chat Software for websites 543)   Flash Video Chat Software for websites 2.6
Get the best quality video chat for your website with private rooms,smiley support and admin to kick, ban users

Happy XP-3000 Gliding Menu 544)   Happy XP-3000 Gliding Menu 1.30
Easy-to-use gliding menu to help visitors around your site. Designed for use down the side of your website. Uses a great-looking XP-3000 style. Online configuration tool. Supports line-wrapping and many more features.

TrafficFilter for Microsoft ISA Server 545)   TrafficFilter for Microsoft ISA Server 2.5.2
TrafficFilter assign a traffic quotas for MS ISA Server users

LogoWizard 1.2 546)   LogoWizard 1.2
A fully functional graphics and ringtone editing tool for Nokia mobile phones.

eMail-Printery 547)   eMail-Printery 1.0
Do you ever wished to print or save/export more than one eMail a time in Outlook Express? The program can print as much eMails with one click as you wish. Also it saves multiple eMails as HTML or EML files for you.

Pocket Phone Tools 548)   Pocket Phone Tools 4
Wherever you go, Pocket Phonetools allows you to easily communicate from the convenience of your Pocket PC or PDA.

Login King Password Manager 549)   Login King Password Manager 2005
Login King Password Manager is the next-generation weapon against Online Identity Theft. Featuring 1-Click Login (tm), Login King auto-login your password protected web accounts with a single click of the mouse, bypassing any spyware and keyloggers.

MoneyToys - Pay Down Debt or Invest applet 550)   MoneyToys - Pay Down Debt or Invest applet 1.3
MoneyToys - Pay Down Debt or Invest? applet is designed to provide webmasters with a simple way to add instant interactivity to a web site. You can see the future effects of an investment compared to the future effects of using funds to pay down.

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