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AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Pro 1351)   AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Pro 3.36
Protects your privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of your Internet and computer activities. Remove browser cache, history, cookies, typed URLs and more Integrated with IE and has a free popup blocker.

American Cowboy Email Stationery 1352)   American Cowboy Email Stationery 1.0a
American Cowboy Email Stationery is a set of scrolling, musical email stationery featuring the Western Art of Kenneth Wyatt. Ten selections to brighten and enhance your plain email. Cloudeight stationery is easy to use!

CTris2000 1353)   CTris2000 2.1
CTris 2000 is another variation of the falling-blocks theme. It includes the popular Column game and six additional variations of Column/Tetris-style game.

Easy Survey 1354)   Easy Survey 1.2
Software for Microsoft Office, designed for survey creation and conducting. Uses possibilities of MS Access for survey form creation and MS Outlook to send questionnaire and process respondent's answers. Results are stored into MS Access table.

Advanced FTP 1355)   Advanced FTP 2.04
FTP client including file filters, common file save list, sorting, and all FTP features.

NovusTek Internet Updates 1356)   NovusTek Internet Updates 1.1
NovusTek Internet Updates automatically notifies you when any web page has changed. You no longer have to visit web sites looking for new information; Internet Updates does it for you. The clean interface makes it easy to add and browse to pages.

Submit By Rick Freeware 1357)   Submit By Rick Freeware 2.4
A freeware submission program for FFAs and classified sites to submit to the free for all link sites or classified sites of your choice by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

EXS2004 1358)   EXS2004 4.4.1509
EXS2004 is a tool for identifying the mailing address of spam mail senders

ZoomCall Pro VideoPhone 1359)   ZoomCall Pro VideoPhone 5.5.1
Easy-to-use videoconferencing software for most webcams; connects through firewalls, HTTPS/SOCKS proxies. Superior video quality, noise reduction. Group conferencing (up to 80 users), address book, call history, text chat, data collaboration. 1360) 1.1
Find the software you're looking for at, the most comprehensive source for free-to-try software downloads on the Web. Includes audio programs, utilities, Internet and desktop software, applications for developers

Easy Go Back 1361)   Easy Go Back 2.3
Easy Go Back is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows you to conveniently navigate the browser back and forward. Now you can navigate Internet Explorer back & forward with intuitive mouse movements.

PC iMail 1362)   PC iMail 2006
Create and send HTML newsletters with attachments and mail merge fields, and with configurable time delays between messages. Imports contacts from Outlook and extracts email addresses from web pages.

ATAF-Picture-WEB Gallery 1363)   ATAF-Picture-WEB Gallery 2004.0.2
ATAF-Web gallery is 100% web-based online picture gallery in a familiar XP design ATAF-Web gallery is a easy to install online picture gallery, where you can upload and share pictures with other people.

Delete Cookies 1364)   Delete Cookies 2.1
Delete Cookies Free Version is an innovative solution for your online privacy issues. This program is equipped with features such as cleaning the secret index.dat file, typed URLs, cookies, cache, and most recently used data.

MailCrawl 1365)   MailCrawl 1.14
Regardless if you need targeted or untargeted emails, MailCrawl is what you should use. It detects every single email on a site, not only those in mailto tags. Duplicates and invalid emails are instantly removed.

GTA San Andreas Display Pictures 1366)   GTA San Andreas Display Pictures 1.0
You can now bring the latest and greatest Grand Theft Auto game to life, within your MSN Messenger! This free display picture set contains graphics from the San Andreas game, featuring all of the beloved characters and much more as display pictures!

JNotepad 1367)   JNotepad 1.0
JNotepad is a basic text editor that you can use to create simple documents.

InBox Mail Manger 1368)   InBox Mail Manger 2.0
It automates the process of handling subscribe and unsubscribe requests to mailing lists for bulk email marketers. It will also process all of your bounced messages. Can send email confirmations for subscribe/unsubscribe requests.

Society Manager 1369)   Society Manager 2.1
Our company offers you a full package for community site development. The given program has been designed specially for easy creation of community agency site. With the help of our program you can create your own community site within 5 minutes...

Call Alert! 1370)   Call Alert! 1.0
Call Alert! enables your PC to recognize the caller without the need to answer by announcing Caller ID information with voice, alerting you immediately when a new call arrives. Supports talking Caller ID, Call Block, and Windows XP style tooltips.

OutPosted 1371)   OutPosted 1.0
OutPosted monitors your favorite web sites and whenever they change it e-mails the web site to you (the actual web site as an e-mail message, not just a link or attached file).

Click and Keep 1372)   Click and Keep 1.4.4
Wie alt ist Ihre letzte Datensicherung Ihrer E-Mails? "Click and Keep" ist die Lösung, um mit wenigen Clicks ein Backup anzufertigen. Wählen Sie einfach Ihr E-Mail Programm aus, die Daten die Sie sichern wollen und klicken Sie auf "Start".

ServersCheck STANDARD Edition 1373)   ServersCheck STANDARD Edition 5.11.0
ServersCheck is a software application for round-the-clock monitoring, reporting and alerting on the availability of systems. It includes real-time HTML reports, graphs and Service Level details. ServersCheck can be administrated through a browser.

Acubix PicoBackup for Outlook Express 1374)   Acubix PicoBackup for Outlook Express 2.1
PicoBackup Outlook Express Edition is an easy-to-use Outlook Express emails backup utility packed with many powerful features. Features integrated scheduler, CD/DVD burning, 256-bit AES/Blowfish encryption, standard ZIP compression, FTP support.

Web Builder Deluxe 1375)   Web Builder Deluxe 2.5
Web Builder Deluxe is a desktop database management tool with web publishing and web database management capabilities. HTML wizard: converts your databases to static HTML pages. Web dB Server Integration: you can manage your databases on the Web.

MAS Heavy Metal E-Commerce Platform 1376)   MAS Heavy Metal E-Commerce Platform 11
Ecommerce shopping cart software for UNIX, Windows, and OS X servers; 100% Customizable template driven plus powerful online management tools and data export/import features for real-time and 3rd party integration. Modules available. Rent or Buy

PopMessenger 1377)   PopMessenger 1.61
Use this complete small to large enterprise level instant communication solution to set up instant communication environment on corporate network without having to use dedicated server or third party services. Download your FREE trial copy now!

Extract URL 1378)   Extract URL 1.4
A powerful URL extractor utility. Extract URL with title, description, keywords meta data from entire websites, list of URLs or search engine results.

Online Music Sites Revealed 1379)   Online Music Sites Revealed 1.0
Learn How to Safely Download Thousands of Music Files, Movies & Games for About the Same Price as One Music CD - Even if You Have Never Downloaded Anything Before!

VeraLab 1380)   VeraLab 2.4.5
Computer Lab Management System. Supports LDAP, Mac OS. Automates computer lab management: check-in, access control, surveillance, license management, maintenance, software metering, alert lists, reporting, employee supervision and payroll.

Webcam Software 1381)   Webcam Software
Active WebCam broadcasts live video up to 20 frames per second from any web camera.

North American Area Code Database (Basic Edition) 1382)   North American Area Code Database (Basic Edition) April - June 2008
North American area codes database one month subscription service. Included in this database is NPA (area code), NXX (exchange), country, state, county, population, FIPS code and ZIP code.

eMobilMail for Palm (advanced) 1383)   eMobilMail for Palm (advanced) 2.1.0
eMobilMail is a robust, next generation, yet very simple and elegant email solution for accessing Hotmail by wireless phone users.

HotMailPlus 1384)   HotMailPlus 2.0
HotMail+ program is meant for reading and sending e-mail messages through the web-interface of mail server

QuickLogin 1385)   QuickLogin 2.0
Using QuickLogin you can login to one or more websites in one click. You can securely store the username and password of all your login sites in a password protected QuickLogin file. You can select multiple sites and login to the sites automatically.

IE Cache&History Viewer 1386)   IE Cache&History Viewer
The ‘IE Cache and History viewer‘ is a simple and fast freeware utility that allows you manage the internet explorer cache. You can examine web pages you have visited and clean the IE cache and temporary files too.

NetDrag 1387)   NetDrag
NetDrag is designed to provide a most efficient way to surf the Net. It furnishes unique and highly powerful features in collecting, organizing and managing information.

MindSoft Evidence Eraser 1388)   MindSoft Evidence Eraser 1.0
Navigate on the Internet without leaving tracesMany companies sack their staff for having access to adult webs at work, for downloading non authorized photos and videos, for receiving adult e-mails or for finding out that they are using their PC.

DoctorAdware 1389)   DoctorAdware 1.0
DoctorAdware can detect and remove a multitude of adware applications from your computer. The application is easy to install, and very user-friendly. Download the latest version and scan your computer for FREE. DoctorAdware will protect your privacy.

Windows Messenger 1390)   Windows Messenger v5.0.0468
Windows Messenger is the instant messaging client of choice for businesses in managed environments with connectivity to Exchange Instant Messaging Servers and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based Instant Messaging Servers, along with connectivity to the MSN Messenger service.

Server Space Operator 1391)   Server Space Operator 4
Wireless LAN security and management solution. Offers Access Point configuration, rogue AP detection, and combined wired and wireless network monitoring.

My Options 1392)   My Options 3.5
My Options offers different experience with many functions .Clean all unwanted flash movies , images , sounds by one click . Advertisement banners takes so long to load and means nothing well with My Options you can clean them before they load.

Horse Chat 1393)   Horse Chat 1.0
horse chat for all ages and equine interests.

Easy StartPage 1394)   Easy StartPage 2.0
Easy StartPage is an easy to use tool to make your own internet startpage. While surfing you can simply add a site to your startpage by clicking on the Easy StartPage button on your Internet Explorer toolbar.

Mobile Master 1395)   Mobile Master 6.2
The mobile phone and sync. tool for Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung phones, iPod Synchronize (addresses,calendar) with Outlook, Lotus Notes, Netscape/Mozilla/Thunderb, Palm D., David, The Bat,... many filter. SMS Center to easily send SMS,..

WebDailyCalendar 1396)   WebDailyCalendar 1.0
A calendaring control for AS.NET 2.0, Drag&Drop and Edit-in-Place is supported and a system calendar can be used for navigation. Includes C# source code.

SmartGrabber 1397)   SmartGrabber 2.0
View images and photos as slide shows with different effects at your computer with this compact, flexible and very easy to use image viewer. It also contains various items for controlling how the image is displayed and supports 340+ image formats.

Efficient 5660 NAPT Spool Reset 1398)   Efficient 5660 NAPT Spool Reset 1.0
This program execute programable resets on NAPT Spool for Efficient 5660 Router/Modem . Require VBRuntime 6.0 and wininet.dll .

Download Butler 1399)   Download Butler 3.02
Download Butler schedules and manages all your downloads. Explorer style interface gives you have quick access to all of your downloads. Drag and drop, clipboard monitoring and browser interfaces allow you to quickly add new downloads.

MMORPW 1400)   MMORPW 0.1.1
Terrabytes of adult photos and videos at your fingertips. No signups, no usernames/passwords, no dialers, no hidden fees, no charges at all.

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