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Premium Solitaire 251)   Premium Solitaire 1.0
A new remake of favorite game for a big number of users. You can choose an appearance design according to your own taste. There are some original features: amusing sound effects, original bonuses and a Table Of Honour.

WebStratego 252)   WebStratego 4.1
WebStratego enables players from around the world to compete head-to-head in real time in an online adaptation & extension of the classic strategy game. In addition to original rules, many unique features make the gameplay more exciting than ever.

RoboToys Xonix 253)   RoboToys Xonix 2.0
A remake of a famous game with new bonuses and thoroughly balanced gameplay. The game features the original soundtrack, which adds a new dimension to the game giving it the unique action feeling.

Shape Puzzle 254)   Shape Puzzle 2.0
Drag the geometric shapes and fill in the grid to win. Warning: This game is much more difficult than it appears.

Fathom It! 255)   Fathom It! 1.2
FATHOM IT! v1.2 <ASP> - MS Windows version of GAMES Magazine's column "Battleships". Unlike the pencil-and-paper game of battleship, Fathom It! boards are solved using logical deduction only. Windows 3.x and higher.

Galactic Teddy 2 : Back to home 256)   Galactic Teddy 2 : Back to home 1.72
If you are looking for the game with excellent 3d graphic, quick action, addictive plot, planets and characters verity, skill levels, appropriate for all tastes and ages then download Galactic Teddy2 and you will have a great pleasure!

Moraff's 3D-Jongg 257)   Moraff's 3D-Jongg 1.1
Moraff's 3D-Jongg is a mahjong game that offers excellent ray-traced graphics, with game tiles that appear to be made of wood and marble.

Checkers Challenge 258)   Checkers Challenge 1.0
Either you need some training for your logic and strategic skills, or you are in need of some rest, this game will be a perfect pastime for you. Play with your computer or with your friends and enjoy multiple options, sound and animation effects.

Jig-Swap Puzzle 259)   Jig-Swap Puzzle
Jig-Swap Puzzle is a colorful puzzle game.

Balloon Wolffy 260)   Balloon Wolffy
Wolffy and his lawless pack have sneaked into the surrounding farms to snack on chickens and other farm animals.

LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Bosnian for Pocket PC 261)   LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Bosnian for Pocket PC 1.3.14
Do you have the desire to learn 7000 foreign words in a short? Then LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC is the best choice for you! It contains four exciting games which will help you quickly expand your vocabulary!

Quizland (Mac) 262)   Quizland (Mac) 1.2.4
With Quizland you can test your knowledge through a fun and simple game. With a database of over 1500 different questions, there's enough for anyone!

1 Scratch and Win Game 263)   1 Scratch and Win Game 2.0
An exciting new product that allows you to easily and effectively add scratch and win capabilities to your website! You can also use it like a mini-casino! Scratch game that features coin scratching, scratch cards, plus much more!

MicroGolf Board (PalmOS) 264)   MicroGolf Board (PalmOS) 1.6
MicroGolf is an add on "Board" for BOUNCIN'. Shoot the ball in the hole to progress to the next hole. Collect Gold Tees to earn bonus points. You are allowed 8 attempts, or "Strokes" to sink the ball in the hole.

Hieroglyph 265)   Hieroglyph 01
Hieroglyph puzzle draw Hieroglyph box and you memorize them. Eidetic colur memory puzzle can develop your memory and imaginary ability.

Rhiannon's Realm Celtic Mahjongg Solitaire Mac Ver 266)   Rhiannon's Realm Celtic Mahjongg Solitaire Mac Ver 1.1.1
Mahjongg Solitaire with a Celtic Twist.

LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Bulgarian for Pocket PC 267)   LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Bulgarian for Pocket PC 1.3.14
Do you have the desire to learn 7000 foreign words in a short? Then LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC is the best choice for you! It contains four exciting games which will help you quickly expand your vocabulary!

DiagTransfer 268)   DiagTransfer 2.0.11
DiagTransfer is a chess editor position (fen/EPD) with two originals features: -A copy mode with a semi-transparent windows. - Print diagrams in a very high quality.

Before The Storm 269)   Before The Storm 1.0
Are you bored with the same old classical puzzles ? Try our FREE "Before The Storm" puzzles !! You can choose to play for points, or time. Difficulty levels allow to test skills of a child or the most advanced player.

Sacoban online game 270)   Sacoban online game 3
Sacoban game develop your logic mind. Play sacoban and enjoy it. Sacoban game develop your logic mind. Play sacoban and enjoy

Shuffle It 271)   Shuffle It 2.0
Put the number back in order, if you can. What seems so simple at first may leave you shaking your head as you try to move the numbered blocks into position.

Technical drawing puzzle 272)   Technical drawing puzzle 3
Computer draw the 3D wire construction.  You restore the initial picture at  2D projections. This game will develop your mind. You can play it online. It free. Find math and logic games and puzzles.

JoEnez 273)   JoEnez 1.2
The purpose of the game is to prevent blocks from filling the field up to the top by removing groups of tiles with the same picture. The more tiles you destroy simultaneously - the higher score you get.

Alpha Ball 274)   Alpha Ball 1.4
Alpha Ball is arkanoid style game with simple control and addictive gameplay. Each level built both backwards and upwards and present original 3d scene. Suspend Game feature that lets you quit a game and return to it later.

Class Reunion Almanac 275)   Class Reunion Almanac 1.10
Ken Kirkpatrick Software, the largest publisher of personalization software, has released Class Reunion Almanac, a Windows program that produces a suitable-for-framing keepsake memento for individuals attending class reunion parties.

Outburst 276)   Outburst
Feel free to let loose in this game of verbal explosions.

Good Old Sudoku 277)   Good Old Sudoku 1.0
The most popular logic puzzle in Japan. The rules are simple. Each row, column and minibox comprises the numbers 1 through 9. The solver must complete the missing numbers. Sudoku is recommended by some teachers as an exercise in logical reasoning.

Filler 278)   Filler 1.1
Filler is an exciting puzzle game for whole family or personal fun. This game is splendid antistress and antidepressant game. You can use it as development and very interesting game for your children.

QeepIt 279)   QeepIt 1.3.02
QeepIt is designed to organize ToDo-Lists very fast. It can be used in realtime during a telephon call. Set priorities by moving important notes to the top. A mask function for use as a small and handy data base application.

Red Ace (Español) 280)   Red Ace (Español)
Viaja a los verdes campos de Francia a las cálidas arenas de Africa y al desolado ambiente de una Bélgica desgarrada por la guerra participando en 25 misiones incomparables y llenas de acción.
Usa ametralladoras proyectiles y bombas para eliminar a tus enemigos y destruir objetivos estratégicos en tierra.

RCBall for Palm 281)   RCBall for Palm 1.0
Thank you for using RCBall for the Palm, an improved clone of one of the classic games of the 80's. We hope you will enjoy playing this game so much as we did creating it!

Tetpic5000 282)   Tetpic5000 1.28
The main peculiarities of Tetpic 5000 are animated themes, which play a role of a game background. These themes are made on the basis of animated screensavers of the EleFun Multimedia Company. You will be able to choose the background of Tetpic 5000.

Vital Snake for PocketPC (ARM) 283)   Vital Snake for PocketPC (ARM) 1.5
New edition of the famous Snake game

CyberTV 284)   CyberTV 5.0.1
With CyberTV v5.0.1 you have access to 882 online television channels from more than 100 countries and 3108 online radio stations from more than 140 countries. You do not need a TV Tuner card or additional equipment

Tetruzzle 285)   Tetruzzle 2.0
Tetruzzle keeps original Tetris' simplicity and offers fine twists: playing the game reveals a puzzle, scenery is changeable & shareable, game builder allows for easy new scenery creation and Make EXE option generates stand alone custom made games..

Stake Hunt Screengamer 286)   Stake Hunt Screengamer 1.0
A screengamer is a screensaver and game combined in one. Take control of the vampire bat and use your stake to stab the ghoulish creatures on your desktop in a splat of blood. Collect all of the blood drops to advance to the next level.

xOthello for Pocket PC 287)   xOthello for Pocket PC 1.1
Play classic game Othello and non-classic game Reverse-Othello. In Othello the winner is the one with more pieces. In reverse-othello the winner has least number of stones

Balloon Kaboom (Español) 288)   Balloon Kaboom (Español)
Balloon Kaboom es una variación de un juego popular de emparejar.

Titan Attacks 289)   Titan Attacks 1.1
Save the Earth from evil alien invaders from Titan! Fight your way across the solar system to defeat the aliens on their homeworld. Upgrade your ship with bigger guns from bounty money. Defeat the alien mothership!

Putt Putt Goes to the Moon 290)   Putt Putt Goes to the Moon
What if you landed in a strange place and had to get home? That's the challenge for Putt Putt and his friend Rover a lonely little lunar terrain vehicle left behind by astronauts.

Showdown 291)   Showdown 1
Do you have what it takes to survive the Wild Wild West?

Offroad racing 292)   Offroad racing 1.0
Get a little mud in your face with Off Road Arena, the racing game that will be impossible to stop playing.

Garden Golf Mac 293)   Garden Golf Mac 1.6.1
No hard sell. Garden Golf is a new, high quality and easy to use mini golf (also called minigolf, mini putt, or putt putt golf) game for your Mac. Enjoy three 18 hole courses packed with fun and varied obstacles, such as tunnels, treadmills and more!

Jigetiser(tm) - Animals 2 Package 294)   Jigetiser(tm) - Animals 2 Package
Professional computer jigsaw puzzles with marvelous motives for a fair price. Use them for your own pleasure, to delight your family and friends or as part of your company marketing campaigns.

Caribbean Screensaver 295)   Caribbean Screensaver 1.0
features beautiful shots from many aspects of a Caribbean cruise

Slingo 296)   Slingo
Slingo is a game that combines elements of Bingo and the slot machines.

Odds-to-win horse racing 297)   Odds-to-win horse racing 2.1
Bet on multiple competitors in a single race (usually a horse race) for a fixed profit no matter which contender wins. You can bet on up to 9 runners in a given race, and you'll get the same amount of cash, regardless of which one wins!

FEM-System MEANS 298)   FEM-System MEANS 6.05
MEANS is a general purpose Finite Element program an is used in civil and mechanical engineering, research and development.

Paraben's Mah-jong 299)   Paraben's Mah-jong 2.4.2
Paraben's Mah-jong is an easy playing version of the classic game. Play it in English, French, German, or Spanish while listening to music. With features like "shadows" and "3D" play, the only challenge comes from the game itself.

xQuadWrangle for Pocket PC 300)   xQuadWrangle for Pocket PC 1.1
Play quad wrangle - new cool board game. This game is based on Ataxx concepts. Winner is the player with most stones when the board is filled.

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