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AnyMini L: Line Count Program 251)   AnyMini L: Line Count Program 5
AnyMini L is automatic line count software. It is line count program for all common file formats, which supports .DOC, .RTF, .XLS, .PPT, .PPS, .HTM, .CSV, .PDF, .TXT, .XML, .MIF, .WPD, .ZIP and is powered by AnyCount Text Count Engine.

Simple System Tray IMAP Client 252)   Simple System Tray IMAP Client 1.0
This program includes a few interesting and useful technologies i.e. - A Simple System Tray IMAP Mail Client (not available so far) - System Tray Implementation in Visual C#.Net

MultiCalendar Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edi 253)   MultiCalendar Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edi 2.0
Need to make every arrangement clear? Then tap into the power of MultiCalendar.

Home Health Care Management 254)   Home Health Care Management 02
Home health care management is a unique tool that will help you keep track of important dates. Home Health Care Management help you keep track of things that home health care workers must be updated regularly.

Gate-and-Way 255)   Gate-and-Way 2.2
To be connected to the world has never been so easy and safe. The Gate-and-Way Control Panel guarantees one simple solution in the complex world of the Unified Messaging System: MAIL, FAX, INTERNET, VOICE, BACKUP, REMOTE ACCESS. Automatic and simple.

Mexico Postal Code Database (Gold Edition) 256)   Mexico Postal Code Database (Gold Edition) May.2008
Mexico postal codes database subscription. The database includes postal code, city name, colony name, state code, state name, latitude and longitude, time zone and area code in Mexico.

MemDB Email  Filter 257)   MemDB Email Filter 1.0
It receives the email headers from POP3 server and let user to add the filter rules into the database from three header fields: "From", "To" and "Subject". User can use this program to filter the unwanted emails before executing the email program.

Business Process Visual ARCHITECT Modeler Edition 258)   Business Process Visual ARCHITECT Modeler Edition 1.0
BP-VA is a full-featured business process modeler seriously supporting latest OMG's Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). BP-VA provides the most easy-to-use diagramming environment for you to model your business process.

SF Kalender 259)   SF Kalender 9.12
SF Kalender erstellt und druckt 25 verschiedene Kalendertypen, die individuell verändert werden können. Mit wenigen Klicks werden anspruchsvolle Kalender mit Feiertagen und eigenen Terminen erstellt. Ein Bildexport ist ebenfalls möglich.

WhichTime Free Calendar 260)   WhichTime Free Calendar 1.0
A fast easy to use calendar. Just point, click and type to create an event. No filling in forms when creating events.

LiveSTATS.XSP 261)   LiveSTATS.XSP 8.0
Get the world's leading log analyzer by DeepMetrix! You get live web statistics and professional web analytics reports to track visits, web pages, campaigns, bandwidth, search engine keywords plus unlimited custom reporting. 1 yr of support included.

AccessAble Help Desk Pro Edition 262)   AccessAble Help Desk Pro Edition 2.55
An affordable, network ready, browser enabled help desk program that let's you quickly record and update support requests as well as computer, software and peripheral inventory information via Windows/Web or both. This version includes many changes.

LiveSTATS.NET 263)   LiveSTATS.NET 8.0
Get accurate website statistics with LiveSTATS.NET web analytics. Track campaigns, conversion, unique visitors, search engine keywords & visitor site paths! E-mail and export your reports as PDF. Includes unlimited custom reporting + 1 yr support.

ContactGenie DataPorter Pers 264)   ContactGenie DataPorter Pers 2.0.193
ContactGenie DataPorter Pro, contact import and distribution tool for MS Outlook 2000/2003 supporting custom forms, command line operation, record selection, and contact update/deletion capabilities. MySQL and XML also supported.

HCFA-1500 Fill & Print 265)   HCFA-1500 Fill & Print 2.6
HCFA1500 (CMS-1500) form filler software, allows you to fill out CMS1500 forms on your PC. Adds up charges automatically. Saves and loads claims to your hard drive. Prints to pre-purchased HCFA forms or plain paper.

Micro Register Point-Of-Sale System 266)   Micro Register Point-Of-Sale System 5.5
Micro Register point-of-sale, inventory control and accounts receivable software system. Tracks customer info and statements, inventory information. Accounting totals including sales tax can be view or printed at any time. Quick and easy to use.

The UK Telephone Number Locator 267)   The UK Telephone Number Locator 2.3
UK telephone number locator is a handy utility which sits in your system tray and can lookup the location from a telephone number. This is useful if you are looking through private ads in a magazine or newspaper and want to know where the seller is.

SoftHype 268)   SoftHype 1.0
SoftHype is a software products submission tool. Submits to 298 sites. Daily updated site database. Auto-fill product details on submission forms. Auto-fill affiliate details. Download your fully functional FREE Copy Now!!

M8 - Clipboard, Bookmark & Screen Capture 269)   M8 - Clipboard, Bookmark & Screen Capture 4.41
The M8 multi clipboard captures everything that you cut or copy from any program

VentaFax & Voice 270)   VentaFax & Voice 5.8
VentaFax is a powerful fax and answering machine software with color fax support. It sends and receives faxes and turns your PC with a fax modem into a versatile answering machine with remote control and email integration. Easy-to-Use Interface.

TreeDBNotes 271)   TreeDBNotes 1.0
TreeDBNotes is a free powerful and easy-to-use personal database program, PIM and Word Processor with Tree Structure, advanced encryption and password protection. Keys: search,replace,case,insert htm tables,file,link,image,time,date, txt,htm,rtf,wri

WorldTime2003 272)   WorldTime2003 1.0
WorldTIme2003 is a skinnable world time viewing program containing time information for over 1,200 cities. Each skin contains the rules about what information is to be displayed and formatted using a template.

Quask FormCaster 273)   Quask FormCaster 2.0

Make-A-Friend 274)   Make-A-Friend 2004.02

Card Deck 275)   Card Deck 2
A digital flash card program to aid in the study of any subject. You are able create and edit your own cards. These cards can then be saved to a file and reopened for studying. Cards can be edited and added to a saved file.

ABBYY PDF Transformer 276)   ABBYY PDF Transformer 1.0
Powerful but easy-to-use solution for converting PDF files into editable file formats. With a click of a button, you can convert any PDF file into Microsoft® Word, Excel, HTML, or TXT format and re-use the extracted info in your favorite application.

Stock Quotes Downloader 4.02 for Metastock new version 277)   Stock Quotes Downloader 4.02 for Metastock new version 4.02
Historical Stock Quotes Manager & Downloader 4.01 for Metastock. The Stock Quote Downoader downloads the historical data for MetaStockTM . The historical data of stocks, indices, mutual funds and commodities from the yahoo financial server.

Option Profit Calculator 278)   Option Profit Calculator 1.0.0
Compare stock or option transactions. Input transaction data. Calculates profit from transactions, potential loss, annualized profit (in dollars and as percentage), and annualized potential loss. Factors in commission fees. Stores results.

SpellExpress(tm) -- Instant Spell-Check, Thesaurus & Dictionary 279)   SpellExpress(tm) -- Instant Spell-Check, Thesaurus & Dictionary 2.6
SpellExpress provides instant access to a spell-check and thesaurus directly from your desktop. With SpellExpress you can spell-check a word or phrase and find meanings, synonyms, and antonyms from any application.

TekTracer 280)   TekTracer 6
TekTracer is a Helpdesk and Inventory Manager Access database which tracks Computers, End Users, Leases, Network Connections, Peripherals, Software, Repairs, Technicians, Warranties, and Work Orders.

UPC, EAN, JAN and ISBN Barcode Fonts 281)   UPC, EAN, JAN and ISBN Barcode Fonts 3.7
Our UPC/EAN Font Advantage Package is an advanced font set with tools, macros and source code that uses a single font file to create UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-14, JAN, ISBN and Bookland bar codes.

SQLWays 282)   SQLWays 3.7
Database migration software for DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and MySQL

Simply Postcode Lookup 283)   Simply Postcode Lookup 1.00.34
Simply Postcode Address lookup, a new revelation in postcode address lookup software using the internet. Activate, enter postcode, select address, and the software fills the appropriate address into your favorite application or your own web site.

TimeWriter 284)   TimeWriter 4.5
TimeWriter is a software program for fast and efficient registration of worked hours.

Pocket Maple Reader 285)   Pocket Maple Reader 1.01
Use Pocket Maple Reader to read Maple and Maple Professional files on Pocket PC handheld devices. View trees quickly. Navigate through documents.

Aegis Help Desk 286)   Aegis Help Desk 7.12
Aegis Help Desk is a fully integrated Help Desk, Client and Asset Management system to power your call center. It will work on Windows and also over the web.

CplxCalPro 287)   CplxCalPro 4.17
CplxCalPro, CCP, is the most powerful programmable graphicalcalculator for the palm platform.CplxCalPro allows you to perform the most advanced calculations and function graphing without any programming.

4TOPS Document Management in MS Access XP/03 288)   4TOPS Document Management in MS Access XP/03 5.0
4TOPS Document Management for creating and managing documents using your MS Access Database. Create documents with content from your database. Instantly find and share documents. View all information on the document in an Access form.

InfoStore 289)   InfoStore 1.51
InfoStore is designed to provide fast, simple and powerful management of your notes and lists, structured in the way YOU want! Features include: Full featured search mechanism, importing and exporting, printing, advanced sorting and much more...

CyberMatrix Meeting Manager CS 290)   CyberMatrix Meeting Manager CS 6.02
CyberMatrix Meeting Manager CS is an easy to use multi-user client/server application for scheduling meetings and meeting room resource scheduling in office buildings etc. Meeting schedules can be accessed throughout your intranet or the Internet.

Your Voice Reminder - version  française 291)   Your Voice Reminder - version française 1.4.FR
Add to the taskbar clock the customization, recordable time announcements, images, calendar, searchable and exportable ever-new-colored alarms and startup reminders with text and voice recordable messages. It's for those who are pressed for time.

Present-iT 292)   Present-iT 1.3
Create powerful multi-slide presentations for on-line or printed presentations. Add text and graphics to each slide. Master slides give your presentation a consistent, professional look. Includes tutorial, 100 templates and examples.

Dreamystar Organizer 293)   Dreamystar Organizer 2.8
An All-In-One PIM/Reminder/Multi-Tab Web Browser/Book Reader/Phote Viewer/Passw

Landlord Report-Property Management Software 294)   Landlord Report-Property Management Software 2009
Manage an unlimited number of properties with this program. The Landlord Report provides full range of property and tenant management functionality.

Trip Paylog PalmOS 295)   Trip Paylog PalmOS 1.0
Lets a long-distance trucker use a handheld and/or Windows computer to keep up with data related to each leg of a job from pickup to delivery.

Break Reminder 296)   Break Reminder 3.8.8
Break Reminder is designed to prevent and assist convalscence of OOS/RSI. Runs in the background monitoring computer use, giving appropriate pause and/or break reminders. Highly user configurable. Logs events. Many users around the World love it.

SBE WebSystem Suite 297)   SBE WebSystem Suite 1.1
SBE WebSystem Suite is a web-based software application for managing issues, contacts, and IT assets.

Race Driver 298)   Race Driver 2.3
Race driver and race car management for auto racing, karting and 4WD. Track all your sessions - practice, qualifying, or a race - and save data on tire temps, tire pressures, oil, water, gearing and shock/spring settings. Ideal for multi-car teams.

SmartFax 299)   SmartFax 2002
SmartFax 2002 is an easy-to-use and powerful fax software package that turns your PC into a complete fax messaging system. Advanced faxing and messaging capabilities make SmartFax the perfect companion for both mobile and stationary PC users.

db2kinvoice 300)   db2kinvoice 2.00

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