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Property Tax Assessment Appeals Made Easily 1251)   Property Tax Assessment Appeals Made Easily
Property assessment appeals done easily. Lower your property taxes guide that guides you through the process for a winning property tax appeal.

Proposal Creator 1252)   Proposal Creator 7.0.0
Use plain paper to create and Print a Professional Proposal in color

ProposalWriter 1253)   ProposalWriter 2.0.0
Can be used by any company Use plain paper to create and Print a Professional Proposal in color

ProScheduling 1254)   ProScheduling 1.7
Employee scheduling software manages shift schedules, equalizes and automates roistering and instantly adds time off, attendance, absence, vacation, etc.

PRsubmitterpro 1255)   PRsubmitterpro
Use this article, video and PR submission software to increase your traffic and search engine ranking with just a few clicks

PRWizard's Media Magnet 1256)   PRWizard's Media Magnet 5.00
Automate you Press Release submission software by PR Wizard features targeted media & industry specific contacts already included in it's database of 28,000 editorial and media contacts!

pssRecruit 1257)   pssRecruit 2.53
pssRecruit is a Web-based job board, a smarter way to manage your recruiting. Copy three files to Web-enable your recruiting efforts. With a one-time cost and Just-Copy-It installation requiring no client software, pssRecruit is the best value in Web

Public SyncTool 1258)   Public SyncTool 1.1
Synchronise your Outlook with your Notebook. Public SyncTool provides a powerful synchronization, enabling consumers to keep all of their information, calendars, e-mail, contacts and tasks constantly up-to-date between a PC and a Notebook

PunchClock 1259)   PunchClock 2.40
PunchClock is an easy to use time clock software that records the employee working hours and generates payroll reports. Perfect for small and medium size companies.

PunchClock Pro 1260)   PunchClock Pro 1.20
PunchClock is an easy to use time clock software that records the employee working hours and generates payroll reports. Perfect for small and medium size companies.

PyroTrans 1261)   PyroTrans 2.15
PyroTrans is a transfer package (client, server batch) that allows users to manually or automatically exchange files between computers over the phone. The product offers easy and reliable file transfer, either manually or controlled by other software

Pyxism Money Maker 1262)   Pyxism Money Maker
Ever Wonder How The Top Earners In Network Marketing Consistently Make Money Hand-Over-Fist And Why YOU Just Can't Seem To Crack The Code...?? Then Do NOT Miss Out On This *EXCLUSIVE* Tell-All Report With A Top Earner

QR Code Generator 1263)   QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator generates random or sequential barcode label image files for scanning purposes in 24 standard barcode fonts. QR Code is a bar code that can be scanned using your camera phone and a QR Code Reader. QR Code Generator is for 1d & 2d.

Quanticus Admincontrol Lite 1264)   Quanticus Admincontrol Lite 1
Admincontrol Lite es un software administrativo funcional y muy económicao para la gestion de la administración de la micro, pequeña y mediana empresa en Mexico, España y America Latina.

Quartz EA 1265)   Quartz EA 2010
Quartz EA is based on pure mathematic algorithm. It does not need any indicators, or special settings. It opens positions and hedges them until they are closed in profit. During a trend you will get all profit from one position and during rollback...

Quask FormCaster 1266)   Quask FormCaster 2.0

Queue Converter for Microsoft CRM 1267)   Queue Converter for Microsoft CRM 3.0
ASK Queue Converter: Automatically convert Microsoft CRM Email (xml template) from a Queue into a Lead or Case record. Free to download.

Queue To SMS for Microsoft CRM 1268)   Queue To SMS for Microsoft CRM 3.0
ASK Queue To SMS: Use Microsoft CRM workflows to send template emails to a queue that convert them to SMS for clients/customers. Simple and effective. Free download.

Quick And Free Tax Software Secrets 1269)   Quick And Free Tax Software Secrets
FREE Software Access : How to build your very own online niche-site empire and put it on 100% Auto-Pilot (Transform it into Secret Passive Incomes with infinite potential)

Quick Article Submitter 1270)   Quick Article Submitter
Save the tedious work of submitting your key articles to promote your online business by writing the article once and submitting it at the same time to the 8 Key Ezines. You can give this neat program away to others for free also!!

Quick Profit Secrets 1271)   Quick Profit Secrets
"Discover My Secret System For Creating On-The-Fly Sales That Rake In Thousands In Just Weeks! . . . No Experienced Needed!"

Quickarticlepro Article Writing Software 1272)   Quickarticlepro Article Writing Software 3.0
Quick Article Writing Software is easy to use article writer software. Write creative articles with the help of professional writer software. Article Generator provides you the facility of writing keyword rich articles within no time.

Quickbooks File Repair 1273)   Quickbooks File Repair 2.0
Quickbooks Corrupt or Damaged File Repair/Recovery. Repair Damaged or Corrupt Quickbooks data files

QuickTrack Start V 1274)   QuickTrack Start V V
Quicktrack start allow you to track items, assets and loans using a barcode reader

Quote Making Ace 1275)   Quote Making Ace 2.4
The given program has been designed for quick quote creation for consumers, for the storage of quote information in the database, for printing quote reports. There is also the possibility of quote generating in HTML format, as well as report...

QVET 1276)   QVET 9.0
QVET manages clinic, commercial, and administrative information of Veterinary Clinics allowing accomplishing an exhaustive clients and clinical files control with just a short time. The most used Veterinary Software in Europe and America.

Race Driver 1277)   Race Driver 2.3
Race driver and race car management for auto racing, karting and 4WD. Track all your sessions - practice, qualifying, or a race - and save data on tire temps, tire pressures, oil, water, gearing and shock/spring settings. Ideal for multi-car teams.

rahsia rancangan perniagaan internet 1278)   rahsia rancangan perniagaan internet 1.0
Rahsia cara memulakan rancangan perniagaan dan pemasaran internet. Panduan lengkap dari jutawan dan usahawan internet cari dan buat duit internet secara online dan tips rahsia peluang perniagaan internet.

RainDat PalmOS 1279)   RainDat PalmOS 2.0a
For lawn sprinkler irrigation professionals. Right in your pocket, have access to all the performance data on popular Rain Bird® sprinkler nozzles: radius at various pressures, flow rate, etc. All spray, impact, rotor nozzles and Xerigation data.

Random Item Picker 1280)   Random Item Picker 3.5
Randomly pick items and remove duplicates from large lists. Different probabilities can be assigned to each item and items can be picked in groups or individually. There is ability to pick same items multiple times, sort and shuffle lists, and more!

Rapid Keyword 1281)   Rapid Keyword 2.0.5
Keyword research software: Find profitable keywords, Analyze competition, Generate typos, Manage Keyword Lists and much more. Free Trial.

rapidHELP 1282)   rapidHELP 2.1
rapidHELP - Your Trial Software for Call Centre, Helpdesk and Support

Real-time Foreign Exchanger 1283)   Real-time Foreign Exchanger 2.11
Get the real-time foreign exchange rate among 151 different currencies with a conversion calculator included.

realListings 1284)   realListings 1.0
Listing flyer design software for Realtors and real estate professionals. Very easy to use, many design options available - much easier and more efficient than other commercial packages. Plus, realListings was developed specifically for Realtors.

ReallyEasyReader 1285)   ReallyEasyReader 2.1
Speed Reading Software - increase reading speed - retain comprehension - boost concentration. Tackle the curse of the information age - Too much information, too little time. Save money, win back time, learn more. Help learning disorders. Free Trial.

Receipt Generator 1286)   Receipt Generator 1.01

Record All Web Sites Visited Software 1287)   Record All Web Sites Visited Software 7.0
Record web sites visited with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Recruiting Rocket Recruiter Toolbar 1288)   Recruiting Rocket Recruiter Toolbar 1.001
The Recruiting Rocket Toolbar is a high powered tool for recruiters that would like to source the deep pool of passive candidates with resume's and profiles

Redcoal Mobile Messenger 1289)   Redcoal Mobile Messenger 4.0
Redcoal Mobile Messenger. Just click the 'Send SMS' created by this easy-to-install program and send and receive SMS messages to your field employees, staff, clients, partners and friends in 130 countries

RedHotTraffic 1290)   RedHotTraffic
Viral Traffic Generator.Generate viral traffic and advertising automatically .Cloak links and protect affiliate commissions.SOLO Email your downline every week.

Refrigerant Compliance Manager 1291)   Refrigerant Compliance Manager 5.12
Refrigerant Regulations Management System helps you comply with EPA regulations on ozone depleting and global warming refrigerants, insure compliance of employees and subcontractors, record-keeping, and control valuable refrigerant inventory.

RegBase 1292)   RegBase 1.1
Retailers can automatically track customers and orders from Windows

A volume of data with map names, map numbers, corner coordinates and completing data of all official topographic maps of the Federal Republic of Germany. TK25, TK50, TK100 and TKUe200.

Release Agreement 1294)   Release Agreement 5.1
An agreement not to proceed with legal action in exchange for compensation. A Release Agreement can be used to settle claims involving: - Personal injury - Property damage - Participation in dangerous activities

Release Agreement Download 1295)   Release Agreement Download 3.1
The release agreement is a legal agreement not to proceed with legal action in exchange for compensation. The release agreement form can be used for the settlement of claims such as personal injury, property damage, debt, motor vehicle accident etc.

Remember Multiple Passwords Software 1296)   Remember Multiple Passwords Software 7.0
Store many passwords in software so that you do not need to remember them yourself.

RememberNotes.exe 1297)   RememberNotes.exe 1.0.3
RememberNotes stores notes about things you want to remember, and make them appear on screen at user defined dates. Showing deadline may be a single date, a day ech week, a day before the end of a timeframe, aso.

Rendez-vous 1298)   Rendez-vous 3.1
Manages appointments and client information in a place where one or more professionals work. The program is useful for such varied enterprises as hair dressers, lawyers and accountants.

Rental Property Tracker Plus 1299)   Rental Property Tracker Plus 1.8.6
Rental Property Tracker Plus is an easy-to-use, rental property management tool with which you can keep track of your rental units, tenants, rental income and expenses. Prepare reports for printing and generate tax information. Free 10 day trial.

ReplyWith 1300)   ReplyWith 1.0.6
Tool integrated to Microsoft Outlook email toolbar allows you to reply or forward e-mail with a predefined template. Create a new template as a new e-mail or use your existing e-mail as a template. Organize it to subfolder structure for easy access.

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