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numberator 1101)   numberator
Convert integers and currencies into words: 17 languages, 93 countries. Integers and currencies from clipboard: Copy any text with numbers into the clipboard and load it "from clipboard" to get a full translated list.

Numis Network Money Machine 1102)   Numis Network Money Machine
"Get The MLM Online Domination Submitter Free & Automate Your Business Today..." Also Ever Wonder How The Top Earners In Network Marketing Consistently Make Money Hand-OverFist And Why YOU Just Can't Seem To Crack The Code?... Here's How

nusantara vemma 1103)   nusantara vemma
Vemma plays an important role in protein and carbohydrate absorption and metabolism.* It assists in energy conversion and the production of energy from glucose

Octo 1104)   Octo 1.2
The Octo-screensaver has 3D-rendered graphics made with POV-Ray (tm). Cartoonish octo's move over your screen in their own typical fashion. You can choose to let them swim over a black background or over your desktop.

odbc2xls 1105)   odbc2xls 2.5.0
odbc2xls offers the user a method to extract ODBC Table Data into Excel Spreadsheet or HTML. With easy to use windows interface or Command Line , select database table, press button -fetch the contents into ready to use excel spreadsheet or csv file

OfficeCalendar for Microsoft Outlook 1106)   OfficeCalendar for Microsoft Outlook
Share Microsoft Outlook calendar, contact, and task information with this affordable Exchange alternative. Makes Outlook calendar sharing and Outlook group calendar scheduling easy. Works with Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, and 2003. Free trial.

OfficeIntercom Communication Software 1107)   OfficeIntercom Communication Software 4.01
OfficeIntercom lets you use your computer to speak to others over the internet or your local office computer network. It works like a virtual intercom.

OfficePinBoard 1108)   OfficePinBoard 1.01

OggSync Freeware 1109)   OggSync Freeware 2.0
OggSync 2.0 FreeWare provides full 2 way sync from your phone to one of your Google calendars. Full support for repeating events, and changes to those repeating events and uses over the air or cradled connections so you can always be up to date.

OlapXAcc cube creator assistant 1110)   OlapXAcc cube creator assistant 1.1
With OlapXACC you can create multidimensional offline cubes that can be analyzed afterwards with OlapX Application or any PivotTable enables application like Microsoft Excel. It's wizard like interface makes it a tool for every user to use.

omron nebulizer promopage generator 1111)   omron nebulizer promopage generator 1.0
Omron portable nebulizer affiliate promo page generator. Check out this great affiliate promo page generator which is a simple desktop application that will guide you through the process of creating professional promo tools page step-by-step.

On*Track Project 1112)   On*Track Project 1.85
On*Track is a project planner for everyone. It is simple, yet powerful project management software that will help streamline the planning and scheduling process, and optimize your time and resource.

On-Tap PLUS 1113)   On-Tap PLUS Linux
On-Tap Plus lets you print bar codes from any application on any printer. Simply surround the information to bar code with a special character and you can print UPC, EAN, Code 39, I2 of 5, MSI, PostNet , 2D bar codes and many more.

On-Tap PLUS AIX 1114)   On-Tap PLUS AIX AIX
On-Tap Plus lets you print bar codes from any application on any printer. Simply surround the information to bar code with a special character and you can print UPC, EAN, Code 39, I2 of 5, MSI, PostNet , 2D bar codes and many more.

One Month To Your Own Online Business 1115)   One Month To Your Own Online Business
Don't Just Watch Others Make Serious Money With Their Online Business When You Could Be Doing It Yourself! Building a successful online business is within the grasp and capability of anyone!

Online Harvard 1116)   Online Harvard 1.0
How To Get An Ivy League Education At Your Own Desk With Online Harvard. It has been a dream of many a student to attend Harvard University. Many have tried, some have succeeded, and of those who did succeed, many have gone on to have successful

Online Polls From Software Downloaded Directly From Wyka-Warcheza 1117)   Online Polls From Software Downloaded Directly From Wyka-Warcheza 9.0
Are you looking to get reliable feedback on your web site? Or maybe you want to poll opinions of the general public for research purposes? Either way, you can now take reliable online polls with Java ABPollMaster. ABPollMaster will help you to create

Online Writers Groups 1118)   Online Writers Groups 9.0
The writers group is something that has always been prevalent in the world of literature, as likeminded people chose to meet up and discuss the events of the day and their latest work, and the advent of the internet has opened up the concep

OnlineBusinessSuccess 1119)   OnlineBusinessSuccess
online home business profit legitimate carbon copy pro internet marketing wealth Marketing residual income make money working online how to make money on the internet best franchise, starting a business, best online business, home based business, mum

OPCNetListener 1120)   OPCNetListener 2.03
Use this Server to get a Network - Status monitoring in your PLC for alarm-generation or something else. The Server is watching your network over ICMP (Ping) or SNMP Now, you can watch also your applications.

open_ofice 1121)   open_ofice 3.1

Optimumcut-1D LITE 1122)   Optimumcut-1D LITE 1.00
Optimumcut-1D is a Stand-Alone (1 Dimension) Cutting List Generator and Linear Material Optimization Software Tool which calculates and displays exactly how to obtain the best yield from stock lengths of profile. Obtain The Maximum From A Minimum

Option Pricing Calculator 1123)   Option Pricing Calculator 1.0.0
This free option pricing calculator can be used to calculate: Call Price, Put Price, Gamma, Delta, Theta, Vega, Implied Volatility

Option Profit Calculator 1124)   Option Profit Calculator 1.0.0
Compare stock or option transactions. Input transaction data. Calculates profit from transactions, potential loss, annualized profit (in dollars and as percentage), and annualized potential loss. Factors in commission fees. Stores results.

Oracle Import Multiple Text Files Software 1125)   Oracle Import Multiple Text Files Software 7.0
Load text files (or csv files) to Oracle. Create a new table or append to an existing table based on the contents of a file on your computer.

Oracle-to-MSSQL 1126)   Oracle-to-MSSQL 1.5
Oracle-to-MSSQL is a program to move Oracle databases to MS SQL server. All Oracle data types (except BFILE and MLSLABEL) and attributes are supported. The program has easy-to-use wizard style interface and supports command line.

Oracle-to-MySQL 1127)   Oracle-to-MySQL 3.1
Oracle-to-MySQL is a program to move Oracle databases to MySQL server. All Oracle data types (except BFILE and MLSLABEL) and attributes are supported. The program has easy-to-use wizard style interface and works with all versions of MySQL server.

Orari 1128)   Orari 5.0.24
Basta un click e dopo qualche minuto viene risolto un problema che affligge per giorni le scuole, le universita' e gli istituti privati italiani: la creazione degli orari.

Organise Your Schedule With A Customised Calendar Organiser 1129)   Organise Your Schedule With A Customised Calendar Organiser 9.0
Does your Calendar Organiser suit your needs? Probably not, as most calendar organisers are designed in the same way and tend not to suit everyoneís requirements making it difficult to organise your schedule. Well, with the EasyCalendarMaker software

OrgChart Express 1130)   OrgChart Express 5.0
OrgChart Professional sets the new standard in organizational charting software. Combining easy-to-use tools with powerful database functionality, OrgChart is used by HR professionals world-wide.

OrgPlus 4.0 SE Professional 1131)   OrgPlus 4.0 SE Professional 4.0 SE
OrgPlus 4.0 SE Organizational Chart Software, chosen by over 400 of the Fortune 500, is the leading organization chart software used by professionals worldwide. Import your employee data into OrgPlus and create professional organization charts.

Oriador Staff Rota 1132)   Oriador Staff Rota 1.1
Oriador Rota is a staff scheduling and rostering package. Oriador Rota will help you produce and distribute your employee shift schedule, whether your requirements are simple or complex.

Orifice 1133)   Orifice 5.1
Orifice calculates size, flowrate or pressure drops for gas and liquid orifice meters based on ANSI/API-2530-1991, Part 3 (AGA-3) or the International Standard ISO-5167-1:1991. Customary or SI units.

Orneta Calculator for Smartphone 2002 1134)   Orneta Calculator for Smartphone 2002 1.0.2
Orneta Calculator is a simple and easy to use application that acts like a standard scientific handheld calculator for Windows Mobile based Smartphone's. Solve your difficult math and science problems at work, school, the lab, or even on the road.

OroMailCenter 1135)   OroMailCenter 1.04
OroMailCenter allows you to keep in a unique database all e-mails sent or received by a department or a workgroup of your organization. This allows your employees (agents) to simply and efficiently track all requests received by e-mail.

OroTimesheet 1136)   OroTimesheet 4.01
Easy to use with a very user-friendly interface, OroTimesheet is the best software to manage time by project! OroTimesheet allows you to keep track of the time spent on each project by your employees in your organization.

ORTWIN 1137)   ORTWIN 7.02
ORTWIN is a program for the state-wide inquiry of the localities in Germany. It finds postal zip codes, telephone pre selections, coordinates, it performs perimeter searches and distance calculations.

osCommRes 1138)   osCommRes 1.1.1
osCommRes allows service based businesses to go online and sell services. You can sell a product and a service in the one transaction, automate e-Marketing and SMS-Marketing and empower your call centre. It is powerful, efficient and easy to use.

Outlook HelpDesk 1139)   Outlook HelpDesk 7
Outlook HelpDesk helps your support team efficiently work with support cases.

Packer3d Online Service 1140)   Packer3d Online Service 3.4
Packer3d Online Service v.3 performs mixed box, cylinder/drum, and pallet cargo loading plan optimization for containers, trucks, and railroad cars.

Page Of Labels for File Folders 1141)   Page Of Labels for File Folders 2.90
Page Of Labels for File Folders. Easy to use file folder label software. Ideal for home and office. Easily create one or more pages of file folder labels. Print all labels or individual labels. Works with all standard file folder labels.

Page Of Labels for Mailing Labels 1142)   Page Of Labels for Mailing Labels 2.90
Easy to use mailing label software. Ideal for small mailing lists. Create one or more pages of mailing labels. Print all labels or individual labels. Works with all standard mailing labels, including Avery labels.

PageFocus Draw 1143)   PageFocus Draw 3.26
An useful drawing / desktop-publishing program. Supports spell-check (English/Spanish), vector drawing, import/export/edit of image and PDF files, multi-column and curved text, and tables. Great for creating brochures, graphics. Double-byte enabled.

PageFocus Pro 1144)   PageFocus Pro 6.14
A features-rich and versatile application for creating drawing, form, document, PDF generation, and form-based applications. The package contains a runtime program for document presentation, data entry and database management. Double-byte enabled.

Pageville shopping cart plug in for EasyWebEditor 1145)   Pageville shopping cart plug in for EasyWebEditor 1.5
Add a shopping cart and secure credit card payments on your Web site with this easy to use visual plug-in for EasyWebEditor and 1SITE. Works also for PayPal. No programming skills needed, fast and easy set up, free demo - you can test all functions.

Pagico (Basic) 1146)   Pagico (Basic) 2.1.0626
Pagico allows you to centralize your stuff in "topics", and manage your topics with many powerful features.Available for Mac and Windows.

Panduan Belajar Asas Cpanel 1147)   Panduan Belajar Asas Cpanel 1.0
Panduan Belajar Asas Fungsi Dan Teknik Cpanel Untuk Web Hosting Anda.Ikuti Panduan Belajar Cpanel Dari A-Z Dijamin 100% Terbukti Berjaya Dengan Hanya "1 Hari Sahaja"!.Tinggalkan Sahaja Panduan Yang Tidak Lengkap Bagi Mempelajari Fungsi Cpanel.

panduan-seo-asas-seo 1148)   panduan-seo-asas-seo 1.1
Panduan Seo Dan Asas Seo. Belajar Panduan Seo Dan Asas Seo. Tips Dan Panduan Seo Dan Asas Seo Untuk Perniagaan Dan Pemasaran Internet

PaneCutter rom 1149)   PaneCutter rom 1.3
Programul PaneCutter este destinat pentru generarea automat√£ a planului de debitare, pentru fabrican√ĺi de mobil√£ sau alte prodse din material rectangular (PAL, pl√£ci de metal, sticl√£, etc.), al c√£ror gam√£ de produc√ĺie este larg√£ sau se schimb√£ des.

Panorama Software 1150)   Panorama Software 1.0
3/2-Fisheye Stitcher Spherical Panorama, intended for creation of spherical panoramas. Automatic and manual image correction. Tiff and Jpeg Fisheye Input format. Jpeg and BMP output spherical panorama format.

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