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LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Hungarian for Palm OS Software 501)   LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Hungarian for Palm OS Software 1.0
LingvoSoft Dictionary English Hungarian for Palm OS with 400.000 words database translates both way

Advanced Sound Recorder Software 502)   Advanced Sound Recorder Software 1.0
Powerful sound recorder, editor and player

Rm To AVI VCD SVCD DVD Converter Software 503)   Rm To AVI VCD SVCD DVD Converter Software 1.0
Super RM to AVI VCD SVCD DVD MPEG Converter is a super software tool for converting RM or RAM to AVI

ShapeBook Software 504)   ShapeBook Software 1.0
A structural steel quick reference tool for professionals and students needing access to the dimensi

Repair Shop Director 505)   Repair Shop Director 1.35
Repair Shop Director is your complete automotive software solution. Not only our we dedicated to developing the best shop management software but also understand that automotive software is only as good as the company that supports it.

TorgX:Business 506)   TorgX:Business 3.1
TorgX: Sales Management, Invoice and Order Processing , Inventory accounting Software, supports up to 3 tax levels, ideal for wholesale trade, small or home business, with strong ERP and CRM features.

EzyTrans 2003 Software 507)   EzyTrans 2003 Software 1.0
Teach your bank statements to reconcile themselves!

conaito PPT-to-SWF Converter 508)   conaito PPT-to-SWF Converter 1.2
The conaito PPT-to-SWF Converter provides a smart and effective solution for converting PowerPoint presentations into an easy-to-use Online-Flash-presentation and professional Flash content authoring like Trade shows, Conferences and many more!

Exl-Plan Micro (US/Canadian edition) 509)   Exl-Plan Micro (US/Canadian edition) 1.0
Business plan projections for new smaller businesses

Exl-Plan Micro (UK/International edition) 510)   Exl-Plan Micro (UK/International edition) 1.0
Business plan projections for new smaller businesses

DigiGuide for Windows U.S. 511)   DigiGuide for Windows U.S. 1.0
DigiGuide for Windows: The world's best interactive desktop Tv Guide

International Business Law 512)   International Business Law 1.0
International Business Law - Get easy access to International Business Law. Very easy to install. Free Application.

Visual Stock Options 513)   Visual Stock Options 2.1.4
Visual Stock Options Analyzer (VOptions) is a powerful analysis tool for development, testing, and application of stock and options strategies. VOptions allows you to test your strategies, and explore "what-if" scenarios with ease.

PropertyInvestmentNoCreditNeeded 514)   PropertyInvestmentNoCreditNeeded 3.272
Buy Property With No Credit ! Make Money This Month in Real Estate ! Secure your dream home or first investment property painlessly ! "That’s right. I made a $12,000 profit in just a 6 week period." Jeff B. Salt Lake City, Utah

ChineseBusinessDatabase 515)   ChineseBusinessDatabase 1.708
Chinese Business Database ! Instantly Download Largest China Trade Directory ! China is the factory of the world. A major chunk of every manufactured item that is being used today - either fully or partly, is Made in China. Grab your piece of China !

PodcastSecrets 516)   PodcastSecrets 1.244
Podcast Secrets to Promote You ! Post your podcast live to an audience on the web ! This Must Have Guide To Fame and Fortune Tells All The Secrets on How To Create, Market, and Make Money With Podcasting, Simply by Using Your Voice !

IP Phone Provisioning Tool 517)   IP Phone Provisioning Tool 0.3
Are you sick of having to edit xml file for each extension? So were we! We created IP Phone Provisioning Tool as a way to automate generation of xml files so you can generate hundreds of extensions in minutes instead of hours or even days.

Snappy Invoice System 518)   Snappy Invoice System 5.0.1
Once you've spent just a few minutes with the program, you can prepare, print, fax, and/or E-mail invoices and sales receipts in seconds! Designed with ease of use as a primary feature, it will help you perform sales-related tasks fast and easy.

Stocks Tracker Live 519)   Stocks Tracker Live 1.1
Real time stock makert screen saver, get the current stock market information as your screen saver with live quotes and current news. Freeware (no spyware!)

California Collections Laws 520)   California Collections Laws 1.0
An easy to use program that allows research the California State Collection Laws, including: California Bad Check Laws, California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the California Statute of Limitations for debt collections.

Bad Check Laws 521)   Bad Check Laws NSF Checks 1.0
The Bad Check Laws is an easy to use program that allows you to research bad check Laws by State. These bad check laws are printable, and can be very useful if you are trying to recover bounced checks.

Bad Check Collections 522)   Bad Check Collections NSF Checks 1.0
The Bad Check Laws is an easy to use program that allows you to research bad check Laws by State. These bad check laws are printable, and can be very useful if you are trying to recover bounced checks.

Delinquent Taxes 523)   Delinquent Taxes 2.0
Non-filers of tax returns need to act quickly to avoid criminal prosecution for failure to file a tax return. If you have delinquent tax returns, don't wait another minute; delay could cost you your freedom.The InfoNowBrowser (tm) is self-contained.

Tiny euro converter 524)   Tiny euro converter 1.00
A freeware to convert euro to 34 other moneys. It uses a xml file to update datas automatically, open the software, enter your amount and the conversion is done.

Trader Notes 525)   Trader Notes 1.0.1
The Trader's Diary allows: To watch changes of the portfolio in a real-time at in securities trading at stock exchange; To enter the accomplished transactions; To create personal notices and records which will help to achieve discipline

Data Recall - Free Alternative to Info Keep 526)   Data Recall - Free Alternative to Info Keep 1.0
Data Recall is Windows-based application that will easily and securely store of all of your critical data. Data Recall allows you to store an unlimited number of user names, passwords, web site URL's, insurance policies, bank accounts, and much more.

Peachtree Data Recovery 527)   Peachtree Data Recovery 1.0
Peachtree Data recovery services for damaged databases, Backup .PTB or corrupted Peachtree .DAT data files.

School 528)   School 1.08
This application keeps track of Students and Teachers, and the Courses and Classes they take or teach including grades for all terms. Check our site for latest updates and other exciting school projects.

QuickBooks File Recovery 529)   QuickBooks File Recovery 1.0
Quickbooks File Recovery and damaged data repair for Quickbooks database files .QBW and Quickbooks backup files .QBB.

Sell@Market 530)   Sell@Market 1.0
Limit your losses and protect your gains by following Adaptive Trailing Stop strategy. Sell@Market tracks and analyzes stock quotes daily on major stock exchanges (AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE) and emails recommendations to sell at just the right moment.

Simple loan calculator 531)   Simple loan calculator 1.03
It is a loan-calculator program for calculation of a loan on a house or a car. The distinctive feature of this calculator is the ability to see the overpayment to bank. Fast and simple.

PowerPVC 532)   PowerPVC 8.0
The complete solution for the manufacturer of PVC Windows and Doors. Easily design and cost windows and doors. - Unlimited profile system; - Unlimited furniture system; - Unlimited quantity of other components; - Convenient and simple to use.

File Folder Organizer 3 533)   File Folder Organizer 3 3.14
Are you surrounded with an ocean of papers piled on your desk because you dread the hours it takes to do the filing? If you want an organized and orderly filing system, then you need the File Folder Organizer.

Expert Advisor 534)   Expert Advisor 1.0
Expert Advisor is forex trading program which trades automatically. From the makers of Conquest expert advisor the legendary automated trading system that is making users 753% per year

Offshore Investment Fund 535)   Offshore Investment Fund 1.0
Offshore Investment Fund - Download this small free application and get easy access to Offshore Investment Funds and Managed futures funds. Very easy to use.

Business Equipment Leasing 536)   Business Equipment Leasing 1.0
Business Equipment Leasing - Download this small free application to have easy access to Business Equipment Leasing, commercial equipment leasing. Easy to install and use.

TurboTax 537)   TurboTax 5.0
TurboTax Online Tax Software. The quick and smart way to handle your tax return. TurboTax Deluxe maximizes deductions for mortgage interest, donations, education, and more.

Excel File Size Reduce Software 538)   Excel File Size Reduce Software 7.0
Shrink, trim, decrease, compress the filesize of your big Excel workbooks. Some Excel files do not reduce as well as others so results may vary. You must have Excel installed on your machine.

3 tier FrontEnd for MS-Access 539)   3 tier FrontEnd for MS-Access 1.00
Its based entirely on the n-tier technology. One at least application server must be istalled near the MS-Access database. The clients can be installed anywere in the Internet

kosmos FrontEnd for MS-Access 540)   kosmos FrontEnd for MS-Access 1.00
This piece of software is the first of a series of products that are based entirely on the n-tier technology. One at least application server must be istalled near the MS-Access database. The clients can be installed anywere in the Internet

TaxBrain 541)   TaxBrain 6.0
TaxBrain Online Tax Software. The quick and smart way to handle your tax return. Best of all, it's convenient, easy-to-use, free to try and guaranteed accurate. TaxBrain Online handles IRS and all state tax filing.

Credit-Aid Credit Repair Software 542)   Credit-Aid Credit Repair Software 3.0.2
Bad Credit? Award-winning Credit Repair Software Kit - for Mortgage Brokers: Fix Bad Reports, Boost FICO Score, Generate Letters, Free Credit Reports, Remove Errors and Negotiate with Creditors & get the best Loan, Mortgage, Refinance or Credit Card

EFX Forex Trading System 543)   EFX Forex Trading System 2.06
EFX Forex Trading System - Forex Platform, Live Currency Rates, Currency Conversion Tool, Daily Outlooks and More. The EFX Trading System is an all-in-one program for serious foreign exchange traders. $25 Min. trade deposits, very competitive spread.

KiInvoice 544)   KiInvoice 1.1.1
Simple, powerful software to create Invoices, Purchase Orders and Packing Slips. Supports multiple taxes, customized fields, recurring billing and more. Generate many types of reports based on user criteria. Payment tracking for registered version.

Forex Trading Platform 545)   Forex Trading Platform 1.42
Forex Trading Platform - Free to Join, $25 Min. Trade, Live Quotes in Real Time. This web-based forex trading system is used & trusted by thousands of fx traders, offering competitive spreads and no hidden/signup fees. Guaranteed stop/loss rate.

Forex Rates & Forex Converter 546)   Forex Rates & Forex Converter 1.06
Forex Rates & Forex Converter Tool - Instantly convert any major currency. Currency database is updated on a second-by-second basis. Forex rates updated in realtime, and provided by the EasyForex Forex Trading Platform.

Franchise Opportunity Calculator 547)   Franchise Opportunity Calculator 1.01
The Franchise Opportunity Calculator software evaluates the profit potential of franchise opportunities and estimates earnings. You can now evaluate any franchise opportunity objectively.

Resume for All 548)   Resume for All 2.1
One-stop 24/7 shop for online resumes: Creating, email, and printing . Resume for All takes the work out of writing a resume. No computer experience required. In minutes, you'll have a winning resume that showcases your talents and work history.

Payroll SB 2007 549)   Payroll SB 2007 2.2
Easy to use payroll software designed for small businesses. Prints checks and generates reports. Calculations withholdings for all 50 states and D.C.

Pivot Points Calculation Software 550)   Pivot Points Calculation Software 101
Discover this 100% complimentary forex pivot point software that utilises 4 mathematically validated methods to generate accurate support/resistance levels based on historically profitable strategies & dramatically improve your forex trading results.

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