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Dedicated Servers 4251)   Dedicated Servers 1.0
Dedicated Servers - Looking for dedicated servers ? Use this small easy application for your servers needs. You can also receive a free quote with no cost or obligation. Dedicated Servers is very easy to install and use.

eMachineShop 3D CAD 4252)   eMachineShop 3D CAD 1.48
Free 3D CAD Program with Instant Pricing and Instant Online Ordering. Now you can design custom parts, select a wide range of machines and materials then simply click to order your custom parts online. Download it right now.

ProjectTrack Express! 4253)   ProjectTrack Express! 2010.6.1.4670
ProjectTrack is an inclusive software program. It integrates all the tools and information that you need to manage any kind of project. Keep track of your tasks, issues, contacts, documents, even keep your project journal, using one single program.

WoS 4254)   WoS 0.1
WoS stands for "World Of Statistics" and is a tool statisticians and economists will find valuable and useful. The main purpose of WoS is to create statistical maps of the world based on user defined data.

Yahoo Answers Auto Poster 4255)   Yahoo Answers Auto Poster 2.0
Yahoo Answers Auto Poster gives you the ability to post to any/all available categories on YahooAnswers automatically... post questions and/or answers on absolutely any topic and there will be people there looking for that same information. Free DL

Amphis - Customer 4256)   Amphis - Customer 2.0
Amphis - Customer is a customer database that makes it easier to generate quotes and invoices, manage your email, keep track of who owes you money, send reminders, store correspondence and sales history and get organized. 30+ customizable fields.

Oil Paintings Reproductions 4257)   Oil Paintings Reproductions 1.0
Oil Paintings Reproductions - Use this small application to get instant access to Genuine oil painting reproduction from masterpiece paintings made by an expert team of highly experienced reproduction artists. Oil Paintings Reproductions.

California Medical Insurance Quote 4258)   California Medical Insurance Quote 1.0
California Medical Insurance Quote - Quick and Easy Insurance Quotes Online - specializing in Health / Medical Insurance for Woodland Hills, West Hills and Calabasas. California Medical Insurance Quote.

Billing and Inventory Management Service 4259)   Billing and Inventory Management Service
Billing and stock management software keeps track of customers, vendors, income, expenses, stock etc of company. Accounting and inventory application can change existing database or create new database for company with own login name and password.

Schedule24 Professional Staff Scheduling 4260)   Schedule24 Professional Staff Scheduling 3.5.3
Schedule24 Professional Edition - Staff and Employee Scheduling for business managers.

Confidentiality Agreement Download 4261)   Confidentiality Agreement Download 4.0
The employee confidentiality agreement from protects the confidential information. The confidentiality agreement is effective and easy to understand. Download the confidentiality agreement now.

QualityNet 4262)   QualityNet 2.58
QualityNet is a simple database software used to manage all the quality control, quality assurance, audit analysis and factory evaluation report for your company.

Serial Data Transfer Software 4263)   Serial Data Transfer Software 3.2
Serial data transfer software captures devices serial data custom tailors transfers data to database by passing via open database connectivity conversations dynamic data exchange ole supports 255 COM Ports advanced data parsing filtration export

Event Schedule Planner 4264)   Event Schedule Planner 2.9
Event schedule software professionally create track tasks for managing professional workgroups to increase overall business performance project productivity through efficient planning teamwork management flexible task grouping sorting filtration

PDF to Word Converter 4265)   PDF to Word Converter 2.0
PDF to Word Converter converts PDF documents to Microsoft Word .DOC, and .RTF file formats, and plain text file. It also extracts images from PDF documents.

Stored Procedure Decrypter 4266)   Stored Procedure Decrypter
SQL stored procedure decryption software decrypt SQL stored procedure views trigger user defined function offer full T-SQL syntax highlighting for faster easier reading allows encrypted code editing viewing multiple format exportation of encrypt obje

ARHANE = Bookkeeping + Warehouse +... 4267)   ARHANE = Bookkeeping + Warehouse +... 11.15.14
The bookkeeping+warehouse program - cash department, bank, the personnel, calculation of salaries the plan of accounts, a turn under accounts (with an opportunity filtering, sorting, etc.), balance, invoice, waybills.

Free Erotic Stories 4268)   Free Erotic Stories 1.0
Free Erotic Stories - This application can be used to get instant access to free erotic stories that are revealed by people like you. Free Erotic Stories are ideal for anybody that wants to read the stories hassle free. Free Erotic Stories.

Network Diary 4269)   Network Diary 4.4
Acute Softwares Network Diary is the multi-user version of the Electronic diary. It allows small businesses to share appointments and reminders all from a central server, with all users own information located on their PC.

A Point in Time 4270)   A Point in Time 2005
A Point in Time is the Last TimeSheet User Interface You'll Ever Need. Easy to setup. Fun to use. Affordable to any size company or individual. Focusing on the end user interface and ease of use.

Daily To-Do List 4271)   Daily To-Do List 2.03
Daily To-Do list is a to-do list software with reminder and to-do lists organized day by day. To-do lists can be printed and exported to HTML. Each task has easy to edit rich text format notes. Everything is saved automatically.

4TOPS Access to Excel Mail Merge XP/03 4272)   4TOPS Access to Excel Mail Merge XP/03 5.0
Excel Link lets add data from the Access database in Excel documents as standard letters, invoices and reports.

Invoice! Lite 4273)   Invoice! Lite 4.0
Invoice! Lite is an easy-to-learn system for creating invoices and producing reports. The intuitive interface lets you complete forms to build invoices, calling on databases of customers and products that are similarly easy to update and maintain.

PCDict for MS Word 4274)   PCDict for MS Word 2.02
With this program you will create a sound record very easily, and then you can use this record during your work in any MS WORD document or any other application for MS WINDOWS.

Loan Calculator 4275)   Loan Calculator 1.2
Loan calculator is a completely free & user-friendly amortization software for loan payments on homes, cars and refinances. Loan calculator supports regional currency settings and works with wide range of repayment cycles from 1 month to 50 years.

Barcode Plug-in for FileMaker 4276)   Barcode Plug-in for FileMaker 7.1
This package contains a database example and tutorial which provides several methods of integrating barcodes into FileMaker. A plug-in is also provided in the download for complex barcode types, however, the plug-in is not always necessary.

Adr_Book 4277)   Adr_Book 5.8d
Adr_Book is an Address Book PIM and phone dialer. Printing features include labels, envelopes, booklets and several reports. There are a number of web features including the ability to email directly from the program.

EasyProjects.NET Enterprise 4278)   EasyProjects.NET Enterprise 2.8.4
EasyProjects.NET - the Web Project Management System based on the Microsoft .NET

Get Paid Online For Free 4279)   Get Paid Online For Free 1.4
If you are looking for ways to get paid online for free, and you want advice on the best way to making money from home online you have come to the right place. I have developed 3 ways to make you easy money using the internet.

Dowsing 4280)   Dowsing 1.0
This is for anyone who does dowsing. Now you can easily keep track of each dowsing experience. You can know at a glancewhat customer you dowsed for, what you were trying to locate, money due and more. Plus keep detailed address and specialnotes.

DataSlave 4281)   DataSlave 1.2
DataSlave is a powerful tool for moving data in and out of databases. DataSlave supports many data forms and will quickly and simply move, validate and clean your valuable data. More than 80 validate and 30 transform functions.

PMM Personal Memory Manager 4282)   PMM Personal Memory Manager 6.0
Personal Memory Manager is a unique combination of powerful knowledge management and presentation engine with human user interface - clear, simple and understandable.

DataHound 4283)   DataHound 1.4
Quickly create databases to organize pictures, addresses, collections, files, and more. Powerful search and sort tools, including keywords for grouping records, make it easy to track and find your information. Generate reports and password protect.

Spherical Timesheet Time Tracking Software 4284)   Spherical Timesheet Time Tracking Software 3.5
Spherical Timesheet Time Tracking Software automatically tracks PC-based work for fast, easy and accurate timesheet creation.

Wise Research Profit Prophet 4285)   Wise Research Profit Prophet 1
Profit Prophet tells you what you need to do to profit on eBay. See how Cost of Goods, Expenses, Revenue, Promotion and Performance come together. Wise Research DeepAnalysis forecasts performance.Profit Prophet tells you how to maximize profit!

AMF Daily Planner and PIM 4286)   AMF Daily Planner and PIM 10.0
A super sleek, fully networkable, Internet-enabled Personal Information Manager is finally here!

journalist media and press contacts 4287)   journalist media and press contacts 1.5
Directory of almost all newspapers, tv stations, magazines, reporters, publishers, reporters in the USA. A must for writers, advertising agencies and anyone interested in contacting the press by email or otherwise.

WMD SWAG PalmOS Bundle 4288)   WMD SWAG PalmOS Bundle 1.2
WMD SWAG quickly analyzes your observations at a disaster site and provides a fast, scientific guess of which agents of mass destruction are most likely involved. Just mark checkboxes beside any conditions you observe in the field, then view results.

Minutes of Meeting Recorder 4289)   Minutes of Meeting Recorder 4.5
This program helps you record and summarize your meetings. With its recorder you can choose sound quality, get real-time compression, export/import recordings and use transcription playback mode. It also keeps your text notes in the same meeting file

Patient Information Management (PIM) 2004 4290)   Patient Information Management (PIM) 2004 1.08
PIM 2004 is a Microsoft® Office add-in that allows professionals in the medical field to organize, schedule, and analyze patient information within a Windows environment they are already accustomed to.

Trellian eComm Store 4291)   Trellian eComm Store 2
Priced from $39.95, eComm Store is an affordable eCommerce solution, designed to put your business online. With eComm, you can take orders 24 hours, 7 days a week, complete with secure order management and credit card processing.

Forecast and Budget Builder Excel 4292)   Forecast and Budget Builder Excel 2.1
The Forecast and Budget Builder is a streamlined tool to develop a 3 year business forecast with Sensitivity Analysis and a 12 month budget. It can be utilized for existing and proposed businesses or products/services. Easy to use and interpret.

Inventory Organizer 4293)   Inventory Organizer 3.6
Organize and manage your home or business inventories.

Talking Alarm Clock 4294)   Talking Alarm Clock 1.4
This program lets your computer remind you of important dates and events. It uses Microsoft® Agent to show a talking animated alarm. It also plays any sound and includes a snooze button. Very flexible scheduling.

MindChart 4295)   MindChart 2.3.02
MindChart,a mindmapping tool that helps in effortlessly and quickly creating mind maps.This software let you create a mmap, add branches and sub-branches, represent them in different shapes, colors and thicknesses, and view the map in different ways!

ParseRat File Parser, Converter, Restructurer 2.0e 4296)   ParseRat File Parser, Converter, Restructurer 2.0e
NEVER AGAIN RE-KEY LEGACY DATA: Parse, convert, restructure files and databases.

Scotland Yard 4297)   Scotland Yard 9.3
SCOTLAND YARD is an electronic sign in/out board that helps track the location of employees. Each person uses a sign-in out screen to enter his or her status, whether in or out, at meetings or lunch, on a business trip, sick or vacation.

LabelBar(Pro) 4298)   LabelBar(Pro) 5.0
Barcode & Labels Printing Software. LabelBar(Pro) is designed for creating, editing and printing of labels. The program has a simple and convenient interface, preview of labels location on the page.

Whaddidoo Trouble Tracker 4299)   Whaddidoo Trouble Tracker 1.51

CZ-ppt2Htm:batch pdf converter that convert ppt to html 4300)   CZ-ppt2Htm:batch pdf converter that convert ppt to html 2.0
A batch html converter that convert microsoft powerpoint documents to html. you can convert a lot of files once time, saving your time!

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