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Password Recovery for Access 1151)   Password Recovery for Access 3.0
Password Recovery for Access is the unique method to recover mdb password & recover access database password. Access Database Password Recovery tool has very user friendly interface that automatically adds the recovered mdb password in a clipboard.

DBF Repair 1152)   DBF Repair 5.01
Kernel for DBF successfully repairs and rebuilds .dbf databases which are inaccessible or corrupt. Successfully recovers table structure and data from the FoxPro databases.

Softick CardExport for Windows Mobile 1153)   Softick CardExport for Windows Mobile 3.19
Most handheld users thought about using inserted memory card as an external storage media and access it directly in handheld. Softick Card Export emulates USB Mass Storage device and turns Windows Mobile handheld or smartphone into SD/MMC card reader

SearchIn 1154)   SearchIn
SearchIn bietet ihnen an eine Datenbank ihrer Partition(en) zu erstellen, um die suche nach Dateien zu beschleunigen

PDF Unlock Software 1155)   PDF Unlock Software 3.0
PDF Unlock Software to unlock pdf restrictions & to unlock .pdf file. Program unlock restricted pdf securities of copy, print & edit options & help users to unlock pdf files created using Adobe Acrobat version up to 9.0.

Best Duplicate File Finder 1156)   Best Duplicate File Finder 8.57
Best Duplicate File Finder - is the software to Find Duplicate Files. Automatically find duplicate files with the best duplicate file finder program, the best duplicate file finder. Find Duplicate Files - Download the best Duplicate File Finder!

Outlook Express to Notes 1157)   Outlook Express to Notes 8.10.01
Export from OE to Notes accurately and conveniently. Every email from DBX file is exported to NSF file with email properties, attachments, images, data and Unicode characters.

SQL Repair 1158)   SQL Repair 7.08.01
Kernel for SQL is sql recovery software to recover data from corrupt and inaccessible MDF databases of MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005. Free Evaluation software available for trial purposes before purchasing Full version.

Disk Recon 1159)   Disk Recon 4.1
Disk Recon allows you to investigate folder sizes, find duplicate files, examine your disk usage, monitor files and directories and more. New features include batch file renaming, batch attribute changing and file or image preview.

MS Word Recovery 1160)   MS Word Recovery 4.03
Kernel for Word is an expedient and result oriented solution for dealing with corruption issues of MS Word files.

ALSEDI Garbage Finder 1161)   ALSEDI Garbage Finder 1.2.3
Disk cleaning and optimizing tool for your computer that removes garbage files, temporary internet files. For example Garbage Finder can remove *.tmp, *.chk files, content of TEMP folders on whole disk (not only in system temp).

Image to PDF Conversion 1162)   Image to PDF Conversion
Image to PDF conversion software converts pictures to PDF, photos to PDF, snapshot to PDF, JPG to PDF, TIFF to PDF, GIF to PDF, BMP to PDF, WMF to PDF. Image2PDF converter creator tool create pdf from TIF JPEG PNG EMF PCX PCD PSD PIC TGA DCX files.

File Joiner Tool 1163)   File Joiner Tool
Download free files combiner splitter software to merge and split page documents merger breaker tool join add text doc bmp jpeg word application combine or create multiple pages. Document splitting combining utility divide file into small chunks.

Combine PDF Documents into One Document 1164)   Combine PDF Documents into One Document
Combine PDF documents into one document software split merge multiple pdf files. PDF splitter and merger tool join two pdfs into one and splits large pdf file into several pdfs. Add pdf files together utility combining splitting adding 2 pdf files.

Software disk space manager 1165)   Software disk space manager 2.4.4
You can find everything in program Directory Size that is necessary for the analysis of disk space. However, not to be unfounded let's consider the program work more in detail.

ZIP Repair 1166)   ZIP Repair 4.02
Zip file repair software will recover your files from corrupted zip archives) instantly which get corrupted due to incomplete download, virus attacks or CRC errors.

Disk space management software 1167)   Disk space management software 2.4.1
Initially Directory Size from Moleskinsoft was developed as a serious analytical tool which would allow to carry out the complex analysis of disk space. The disk space analysis software was possible to reach all objects.

View folder sizes 1168)   View folder sizes 2.4.3
Directory Size is the program which allows to analyze and receive visual representation about disk information in short terms (literally within several minutes).

CoffeeCup Free Zip Wizard 1169)   CoffeeCup Free Zip Wizard 3.0
CoffeeCup Free Zip Wizard makes it easy to zip and unzip files. It has built-in e-mail and FTP functions, so you can zip and send your files in one easy step. Free Zip Wizard can also run any program or setup file inside ZIP files.

Linux Recovery 1170)   Linux Recovery 4.02
Linux recovery software recovers Linux operating system data from Ext2, Ext3 file systems and enables the user to take get out from data recovery worries.

Get rid duplicate files itunes 1171)   Get rid duplicate files itunes 3.8.4
To remove duplicates itunes or to get rid duplicate files itunes it-s enough to have a good and convenient program. Like Clone Remover.

Mac File Recovery 1172)   Mac File Recovery 3.01
Mac File Recovery is an easy to use Mac Data Recovery application that can solve each Mac File Recovery concern after data loss

Mac Photo Recovery 1173)   Mac Photo Recovery 3.6
Mac Photo Recovery recover lost or deleted photos, pictures and images from digital media, hard drive, memory cards, flash card and digital cameras.

MAC Recovery 1174)   MAC Recovery 4.03
Kernel for MAC performs successful recovery of MAC operating system data from HFS and HFS+ file systems that are corrupt, damaged, formatted or deleted.

Novell Recovery 1175)   Novell Recovery 4.03
Get complete and accurate recovery from corrupted Novell volumes with easy to use Kernel for Novell.

Itunes find duplicates 1176)   Itunes find duplicates 3.8.3
Clone Remover became one of the first professional programs which allows to find and remove duplicate files (or otherwise to dispose of destiny) in the accelerated terms.

duplicate pc 1177)   duplicate pc 3.8.5
As practice shows, to find good pc duplicate finder is not so simply. It is connected with that the programs which would unite good functional means, interactivity and convenience of usage are not enough. Clone Remover is one of few ones among them.

Delete duplicate tracks itunes 1178)   Delete duplicate tracks itunes 3.8.2
Clone Remover is a rather new program which allows to search and delete duplicate songs itunes quickly and effectively.

Unistal MS Outlook Recovery 1179)   Unistal MS Outlook Recovery 12.0
MS Outlook Recovery Software is best Outlook PST Repair Software to repair corrupt pst files & recover outlook emails. MS Outlook Email Recovery Software to recover corrupt pst file with all email attachments from outlook 98/2000/2002/2003/2007.

Duplicate tracks itunes 1180)   Duplicate tracks itunes 3.8.1
Clone Remover is a rather small program-utility which solves such problems in the field of duplicate files as duplicate albums itunes and duplicate tracks itunes.

Software disk space reporting 1181)   Software disk space reporting 2.4.2
Program Directory Size is a relatively young program which however managed to become one of the most popular and effective tools in the market of software in the field of disk space analysis.

Recover Data for Mac 1182)   Recover Data for Mac 2.0
Recover Data for Mac is best Macintosh data recovery software which recovers formatted/deleted mac data from the Mac OS X operating system. Macintosh File Recovery Software recover macintosh hard drive & restore mac data & files which gets corrupted.

MS Access Repair 1183)   MS Access Repair 7.06.03
Efficient ms access recovery software to recover data from corrupt and inaccessible MS Access databases. Repairs MS Access databases 2003, 2002, 2000, 98, and 97.

XLS Recovery 1184)   XLS Recovery 7.05.01
Performing complete and successful xls recovery at a faster pace is now possible with Kernel for Excel.

NSS File Recovery Tool 1185)   NSS File Recovery Tool 1.0
Novell NSS Data Recovery Software is best nss file recovery tool to recover nss files from nss partitions. Undelete nss files by using NSS Data Recovery Tool. Data Recovery NSS Tool to get back nss files even if the nss volume cannot be mounted.

Get Data Back for Linux 1186)   Get Data Back for Linux 1.0
Deleted Linux Data back with professional linux data recovery program. Quickly and completely recover deleted linux partitions data using its fast recovery techniques. Get data back for linux software is pure windows based linux file recovery tool.

PDF Split & Merge 1187)   PDF Split & Merge 2.0
SysTools PDF Split & Merge is more powerful PDF Splitter and Merger software to divide/split large PDF files by pages, by page ranges, by ODD pages, by even pages, by custom pages etc and also concat/merge multiple PDF documents into one PDF files.

WinTweakz DiskSuite 1188)   WinTweakz DiskSuite 1.5
WinTweakz DiskSuite is an all-in-one hard-drive management utility that integrates disk optimization and cleanup, defrag and backup in one easy to use package. Disk Suite puts a range of tools at your fingertips to provide optimum system performance

Teklora Duplicate Music Remover 1189)   Teklora Duplicate Music Remover 6.93
Duplicate Music Remover - is the Best software to Remove Duplicate Music. Automatic duplicate music remover can remove duplicate music and remove duplicate songs from music collection. Remove Duplicate Music - Download duplicate music remover now!

Teklora Duplicate File Remover 1190)   Teklora Duplicate File Remover 3.29
Duplicate File Remover - is software to Remove Duplicate Files. Duplicate file remover will automatically find, delete and remove duplicate files. How to remove duplicate files? Remove duplicate files - Download duplicate file remover Now!

Hetman Uneraser 1191)   Hetman Uneraser 2.0.6
If seeking a tool that will help you quickly recover your data after it was deleted, choose Hetman Uneraser. Offering a simple and user-friendly interface, it works with any types of modern and legacy media and supports all file types!

CTFolderCleaner 1192)   CTFolderCleaner 1.1
CTFolderCleaner is a automated solution designed to remove files by date. CTFolderCleaner gives you the ability to specify which folders to monitor and how old the files should be before they are deleted.

Data backup software for Windows 1193)   Data backup software for Windows 1.9.2
Program File Sync is the program which allows to compare folders and to synchronize their content. Thus, the basic functions of one of the best PC computer backup programs are the comparative folder analysis and file synchronization.

Find duplicate songs 1194)   Find duplicate songs 3.7.8
Is it easy to find duplicate songs and to remove duplicates itunes? Yes, if to use the special software like Clone Remover.

Microsoft Excel File Repair 1195)   Microsoft Excel File Repair 2.0
Microsoft Excel File Repair software is XLS file repair tool to repair corrupt Excel documents or repair Excel files created with MS Excel 95/97/2000/XP/2003. Recover Excel files or repair Excel workbooks with SysTools Excel file recovery software

DBX Recovery 1196)   DBX Recovery 9.04.01
Recover emails from .DBX files of Outlook Express. Emails with attachments, images, email properties, date, time, subject, unicode characters are easily recovered with permanently deleted emails.

find photos duplicates 1197)   find photos duplicates 3.7.8
Program Clone Remover is a rather new utility and free duplicate file finder. The program allows in short terms (at times, for some seconds) to find duplicate files (for example, to find photos duplicates) and to remove them from the PC.

delete duplicate files free download 1198)   delete duplicate files free download 3.7.7
Today it- not simple to find a good remove duplicate files software which would allow in short terms, quickly and productively to solve questions with duplicate files.

remove duplicate files software 1199)   remove duplicate files software 3.7.6
As practice shows the problem with inefficiently used disk space excites overwhelming majority of users. One of principal causes of such position is duplicate files which by hundreds and thousands fill with a computer disk.

DiskChart 1200)   DiskChart
Wer hat all Ihren Festplattenplatz gegessen? Mit DiskChart finden Sie heraus, welche Dateien wieviel Speicher verschlingen.

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