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Video Card Stability Test 1)   Video Card Stability Test
Free Video Card Stress Testing! + Free Benchmark the speed of your 3D graphics video card! + Free 3D Screensaver!

Performance Monitor 2)   Performance Monitor 3.6
Monitor your CPU, Memory, Disk and Network utilization with this very useful program

Message Sender 2 3)   Message Sender 2 2.1
Program can send message to any computer. You will only know computer address. If the sender and recipient must be in the nework or internet connection. Message has 400 symbols and 1 string of text. When you send mail system will say: Message from

Bandwidth Vista 4)   Bandwidth Vista 1
Bandwidth Vista is a modern bandwidth meter, informative and intuitive to use. Whether you are looking for network problems or simply want to test your bandwidth speed, Bandwidth Vista is the only bandwidth speed test software you will need.

febooti fileTweak Download Speed 5)   febooti fileTweak Download Speed 1.0
Measure your connection speed and compare it with average values of different connection types. Estimate file download times both on your and other types of internet connection. Works with multiple files, shows graphs etc.

Xp Tweak Mechanic 6)   Xp Tweak Mechanic 1.7
XP Tweak Mechanic is the best tools designed to improve the performance of your windows XP operating system by speeding up the startup process and making the process of shutdown faster.his powerful software includes a lot of features.

Ultra Sys Info 7)   Ultra Sys Info 1.0
Ultra Sys Info is a powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware. It provides all the information you could ever need to know about your hardware, software and other devices. Including CPUs, modems, BIOS, drives, graphic cards, driv

DiskBench 8)   DiskBench 2.0.4
Disk Utility to test Internal Memory and Memory Card speed of Nokia Communicator. Requires OPL to run. Freeware.

PCSummarizer 2005 9)   PCSummarizer 2005
PCSummarizer 2005 is an advanced task manager and system & hardware monitoring tool for your computer system. PCSummarizer 2005 Features: - Monitor a variety of hardware; - View detailed information on applications running on your system;

Dr. Hardware 2004 5.5.0e 10)   Dr. Hardware 2004 5.5.0e

IMFStats 11)   IMFStats 1.0
IMFStats gives you statistics and guidance for your Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server Intelligent Mail Filter (IMF).

Compare PDF Software 12)   Compare PDF Software 1.0
Compare related and non-related Adobe Acrobat PDF files

HSLAB Sys Monitor Pro 13)   HSLAB Sys Monitor Pro 2.1.504.2010
Advanced real time statistics and observing software for Windows. HSLAB Sys Monitor uses some advanced technologies for logging and mesuring system components. The sensors permanently monitor behind parameters of the system.

OBSERVATOR v2 14)   OBSERVATOR v2 2.1.3033
System monitoring tool which resides on your desktop and helps you track your systems resources, by monitoring CPU usage, memory usage and network statisticsusage in near real-time views. TweakRAM Deutsch 15) TweakRAM Deutsch 3.6
TweakRAM reinigt, optimiert und defragmentiert den Systemspeicher unter Windows. Dadurch lässt sich die allgemeine Systemperformance um bis zu 100% steigern.

PC Diag Windows Ultra Lite 16)   PC Diag Windows Ultra Lite 3.5.3
PC Diag Windows Ultra Lite is a fully automated, and instructional 32 and 64 bit Windows software used to troubleshoot and diagnose computer hardware problems. The products rigorous testing features will allow the user to identify faulty hardware.

TimeAnalyzer - Time Tracking Tool 17)   TimeAnalyzer - Time Tracking Tool 1.0
TimeAnalyzer automatically tracks your computer usage by recording your current foreground process in real time, and allow you identify how you spend a typical day on computer. Its report system presents full-featured computer time distribution.

HSLAB Free Sys Monitor 18)   HSLAB Free Sys Monitor 1.3.32
Advanced real-time monitoring and statistics utility for Windows. HSLAB Sys Monitor uses some advanced technologies for logging and mesuring system components. The sensors permanently monitor behind parameters of the system.

O&K Work Spy 19)   O&K Work Spy
How to evaluate what you and your employees spend their office hours on? How effectively do they use this time? What do they spend most of it on? The O&K Work Spy program is used to answer these and other questions.

Performance Window 20)   Performance Window 1.4.3
Display process counters on the corner of each window next to the system buttons to able to see the performance easily which process of window use the system. The counters are displayed by your selections what you would like to see.

Dodge Charger Restoration 21)   Dodge Charger Restoration 1.0
Dodge Charger Restoration Tools & Software!

Registry Cleaner Reviews 22)   Registry Cleaner Reviews 1.0
The computer has slowed down and is not performing up to the mark? Chances are your registry is full of corrupting files! This software programm will tell you if your system and processor and memory are being filled to the limit!

SmartSys Monitor 23)   SmartSys Monitor 1
System utility that is easy to use and compact, that informs about vital system resource, helps you to monitor it. This all information on the desktop about system resource will help you keep up with the real time system information.

Check My Specs 24)   Check My Specs 2.1.1
Check My Specs checks your PC specs and provides a unique Spec ID. Spec ID may be used to post online for sharing.Check My Specs has been tested on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and is a very light app, making is extremely easy and quick to to use.

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