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Do Just ONE Thing While On Holiday To Ensure You Come Back Motivated, Refreshed and Focused

By:Karen Oates

Are you a workaholic and when almost burnt out you take a holiday, hoping to rekindle that motivation and restore the focus you need, but when you get back to work you find that the drive and energy levels are significantly lacking?

Or maybe you work hard with one of your key goals being a well earned break and expect that you will return to work well rested and raring to go only to find that when you return, the reality is that you struggle to get back the motivation you had or hoped that a holiday might revive?

Are you on a weight loss diet and decide to take a holiday but with the holiday comes non diet friendly food and plenty of it?

I find that unless I put some fundamental steps into place when embarking on a break from work or any other plan or program I have in place, then it will take more energy and effort to pick up where I left off and take much longer to get back on track. The fact is, more often I am looking to have my holiday increase my motivation, focus and drive to have me build my business and achieve more in all areas of my life.

There is one significant but simple and enjoyable exercise that can make all the difference to not only the return back to the ‘real’ world, but also make your holiday even more pleasurable.

And the key is…?

* Read, read and read some more

It is usual to read a good novel or loads of trashy magazines whilst on holiday, however try changing the type of reading material and reap the rewards and benefits – you will really notice the difference.

There is an abundance of great books for you to read while on holiday, which will keep you motivated and increase your energy for when you return to your normal routine.

These books can be in the form of personal development, personal growth and self help style books or autobiographies by those who have already achieved great things in their lives. There are so many fantastic authors out there who have written some really inspirational stories and those with proven ideas and strategies ready to put into place. They will have you inspired with ideas, skills and tactics you can use every single day. I am sure you will find this a welcome change to the normal holiday reading.

You don’t necessarily have to buy these personal growth books, although it is a really good idea to have them on hand so you can complete any exercises or assignments that may be of huge value. You can always go to your local library and check out their resources. Most libraries either have or have access to, many great books of this nature. If you are not sure on what is available or where to find what is available, just ask. Librarians are always ready to lend a hand and love to assist in finding just the right books.

Next time you take a break, even it is for only a few days, try starting and ending each day by reading a few pages or even a chapter or two about how someone else became successful and how they took their life to the next level. Or maybe read about a new approach to personal growth and development that will fill you with enthusiasm.

Return home really refreshed and revitalized with new life skill ideas and strategies to achieve and focus on just what you want out of life.

You may also like to consider what else you can do on holiday that will make the transition back to your normal day to day routine easier and quicker. How about writing a fun journal about your holiday or maybe just life in general? It can be a good time to embark on tracking your thoughts, desires and aspirations. Think about what might work for you.

Make this part of your next holiday and check out the difference when you return.

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