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VoIP - Good Choice

By:FullService Broadband Provider

Using DSL for your broadband access? Naked DSL (DSL without primary phone service) still not available in your area? Don't discount VoIP phone service just because you cannot discontinue your existing primary phone service. VoIP can be a huge help to those with home-based business, satellite employees needing a business line and of course families with teenagers! (just to name a few possible candidates!)

Tired of the high phone bills? For some the high costs are because of one or more of the categories mentioned above. This is 'exactly' why you should not discount VoIP for your second or third line. Imagine the looks on your teenagers face when you tell them they can get their own phone complete with their own phone number, voice mail and unlimited local and long distance calling! WOW - problem solved. For satellite employees, mentioning to your boss you can cut your existing phone expense will also put a smile on their face. For the home based-business ANY cost savings certainly helps. Now you can make those long distance calls without worrying about the expense.

If you're putting off VoIP because you cannot use the service 'exclusively' you still just might be able to save money every month. Your home office or employee business line or the line for your child can all be easily converted to VoIP.

There are ‘some’ providers offering naked DSL so you should first check with your local telephone company. Ask if they provide this service. If not, you can visit our web site as we’ve recently added a couple providers that offer naked DSL. You can find them in our VoIP section.

If your goal is to eliminate your local telephone company all together and you don’t want to wait for naked DSL to become widely available, then perhaps it’s time to consider switching your residential broadband access to cable. If you’re a cable TV subscriber the monthly fee is usually lower than if you were not. In either case, run your own numbers. Take your existing phone bill and add the cost of cable broadband. What’s the total? Now add up the cost of cable broadband and VoIP. Compare the two numbers. Paying a little more for your cable broadband access just might be offset with the cost savings achievable through VoIP. Run the numbers and decide for yourself. For more information on VoIP technology, visit our site, search the net, do whatever it takes to get the information you need to make a more informed decision.

VoIP is a good choice and a good way to save money.

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