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Amla/ Indian Gooseberry The Complete Health Tonic

By:Kevin Pederson

Indian Gooseberry also known as Emblica Officinalis is known to be a robust source of Vitamin C. Due to its strong, cooling and laxative properties it has been widely used in hemorrhage, diarrhea and dysentery. It also prevents infection due to the antibacterial and astringent attributes present in it. It has been widely used for treatment of leucorrhea and atherosclerosis. In India, consuming gooseberry is considered the best antidote against aging-related disorders.

Gooseberry juice has great strength to replenish your lost energy source. The presence of antioxidants like vitamin C is one of main factors of sourcing back your energy. This small gooseberry has the same food value as two oranges, which is anti-scorbutic. Gooseberries are very good for those suffering from respiratory problems. It is one of the main ingredients in Ayurveda as it has carminative and stomachic properties. It is also used to cure problems like diabetes, cerebral, gastro & cardiovascular illnesses, low libido and many more.

If you want to increase you weight and that too in a healthy manner you should consume more of gooseberry. It helps in balancing nitrogen levels very well which helps in increasing your weight. It helps in increasing protein levels. It is also known to have anabolic effect. The small gooseberry is also rich in minerals and amino acids. Gooseberry, known as Amla in India, is highly recommended for increasing your immunity level. It is proven in Ayurveda that the Indian gooseberry is effective in providing relief for gastritis syndrome, hyperchlorhydria which involves burning sensation in abdominal and pain in cardiac and epigastric region.

Amla is an essential ingredient of various Ayurvedic medicines used for treating fever, liver disorder, indigestion, anaemia, heart conditions and urinary problems. It is a healthy dose of vitamin C that gets easily absorbed in our system. Vitamin C deficiency may lead to scurvy, pulmonary tuberculosis and many other problems. Other than medicinal uses, it is also used to make pickles and preserves (morabbas) as well as beauty products like shampoos and oils, which protects our hair. It is an important part of an Ayurvedic health tonic known as Chayvanprash known to improve vitality, resistance to illnesses and slow down the ageing process.

Home Remedies

It is very beneficial to fight one of the most common respiratory problems. If 5 gms of gooseberry is mixed with 1 tbsp honey and taken every morning, it proves very useful to treat asthma. If fresh gooseberry or amla is not available you can use gooseberry powder instead.

Losing hair? Amla or Indian gooseberry can save you from this. You can either eat amla everyday or apply its paste on your hair roots. First boil six amlas with a cup of milk, till they are soft. Remove the seeds and mash it into a pulp. Apply this paste to your hair roots and leave it for 20 minutes before washing your hair.

A common problem for many is acne and by purifying your blood you can get rid of this problem. Consume fresh juice of amla with clarified butter and honey. In the absence of fresh juice you can use 20 gms of amla/gooseberry powder.

To improve your appetite, consume a paste of Indian gooseberry (amla) powder, clarified butter and honey before meals.

Another way to increase your appetite is by using one part each of cloves, nutmeg and long pepper, 3 parts of Indian gooseberry and 8 parts of ginger. Grind all the ingredients into a fine powder and to make it consumable, add enough sugar. Eat this mixture at least twice or thrice a day to increase your appetite.

You can make a good conditioner by mixing Indian gooseberry, shikakai powder and curd.

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Kevin Pederson webmaster of home remedies site gives us knowledge about the importance of home remedies in our life. Natural Cure with Indian Gooseberry can help to cure many problems like asthma, cold, fever and many others.

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Amla/ Indian Gooseberry The Complete Health Tonic


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