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How To Plan Nonprofit Business Organizations

By:David Gass

Corporations draft business plans when a business is started or when a business is expanding. Drafting a business plan helps crystallize the objectives of the organization and its goals. Business plans for Non-Profit Organizations are especially important, since these plans help those who propose to fund the organization understand the business better. These plans must be produced when approaching a potential fund provider such as a bank. These plans should be written carefully and hiring an expert to draft the plans is a good idea.

How To Write A Business Plan For A Non-Profit Organization
1.A cover sheet must be attached, giving details and background information about those who are going to start the business.

2.The table of contents is important, so people can open to the page, which interests them most.

3.The summary should include details about the organization, which people are behind the organization, what are the goals, the objectives of the organization, how the business plans to achieve these objectives.

4.The financial data should give a detailed explanation of the expected operating costs.

5.The business plan must include a detailed description of all licenses and permits needed to operate the business and who to approach to acquire them.

6.The business plan must describe the premises needed, the amount of the lease, what permits and approvals need to be obtained, and how to obtain these permits and approvals.

7.The writer must make a market assessment of the product, studying the customer base, the price, the quality and features of the product sold or service offered, the future sales projections and how to achieve them, and the plans to be followed incase the objective is not obtained.

8.The writer must supply a product description, giving the details of its features, quality, and the need for any improvements.

9.Marketing and sales of the product is another important area. The writer must give details on how the company shall create an awareness of the product through advertisements in the paper or the magazines, or over the inter-net.

10.Understand the competition and how to deal with them by listing the differences between both the products and identifying areas for improving the product.

11.The operating procedures and the equipment necessary must be listed and carefully explained in the business plans for Non-Profit Organizations.

12.Explain the amount and the training of the staff required.

13.Explain how the people in charge shall manage the operation.

These are the basic requirements for the business plans of Non-Profit Organizations. Several firms offer help in drafting these plans and running the business with software to file and document everything necessary.

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