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Hair Loss In Women - 2 Effective Treatments To Consider

By:Dean Shainin

There are a lot of options that are available to treat hair loss in women. However, due to their massive numbers, finding the best treatment can then be puzzling and time consuming.

Some statistical estimates show that in the United States alone, about 25 million or more American women experience hair loss that is extremely noticeable. This article was also linked to the fact that the effects of baldness are far more distressing in women that many have felt unwanted and inferior. Yes, a lot of women suffer psychologically and emotionally because of the condition than men do.

So if you happen to be a victim of serious, or extreme hair loss or if you have a friend or wife who has been affected psychologically and emotionally because of the condition and want to help her fight the problem, then thereís no reason for you not to read the following information.

There are about two main types of treatment available for hair loss in women. The first has long been considered as the topical treatments, while the other falls under the surgical treatment category. Letís consider these types of treatment closely.

1. Topical Treatment

As far as I know, there is only one specific topical treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration for hair loss in women. That treatment is none other than minoxidil. Well, according to some claims, this medication is now marketed bearing the name Rogaine. It is readily available over the counter in most drugstores and grocery outlets throughout the world. And, because of its strong popularity, Rogaine or minoxidil is now marketed even online. So itís no wonder that even single clicks on your mouse can lead you to where this type of treatment is available.

But, how is that Rogaine is very popular as a topical treatment?

Simple. Rogaine or minoxidil is said to be highly effective at restoring hair growth. It also helps to lessen the appearance of thinning hair in women. However, the medication does not just end shortly. The truth of the matter is, it may take you months before the ultimate result becomes noticeable. But, so far, this happens depending on the female hair types as there are some types that easily respond to this treatment.

Now, to apply Rogaine, make sure that you use it in the privacy of your home. Then, continue using it indefinitely to maintain the re-growth of your hair. Note that if it is discontinued, those hairs that have re-grown may return to their original, breakable hair or loss their strength again.

2. Surgical Treatments

Females are said to be better candidates for surgical hair loss treatments. Perhaps this idea stems from the fact that women rarely lose all their hair than men do. However, considering a surgical treatment is not just an easy process. Every woman should need first to consult their doctor before any procedure be taken. Well, a consultation with your doctor is a very important thing to consider as it is your doctor only who is capable of telling you the truth about your condition.

Aside from that, your doctor is the only one who can tell you what the best solution would be for your condition. If he or she tells you to undergo a transplant, it is likely that he or she will also be the one who will do the procedure for you.

So if you are currently suffering from the problem and you want the best for your condition, then itís definitely best for you to consult with your restoration surgeon first before you undergo any of the possible surgical treatments available. Also make sure that you understand the cause of your condition as this will help you to determine the best options for you.

Lastly, always remember that extreme hair loss in women may be a warning sign of a more chronic disorder, like diabetes and lupus, so it is very vital to talk to your doctor and ask for his or her help or recommendation.

Today, the issue for finding the most effective treatment for hair loss in women continues. Perhaps the best thing women can do to fight the condition is to educate themselves about the basics and causes, the possible treatments, and how to find help.

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