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VoIP - Save Money When you Talk

By:Neil Day

VoIP offers many advantages to those who are brave enough to pull the plug. First, VoIP offers incredible savings for local, long distance, and international calls. It also offers great calling features for free that usually cost a fee when purchased with PSTN telephone services. Not only are people choosing to pull the plug from their telephones, but they are also embracing wireless technology as a whole.

With VoIP you can have the option of selecting your own phone number. In some cases, you can keep your current phone number. You will have to check with your VoIP provider and see what options they provide. However, many service providers do provide the opportunity of selecting your own area code. Some companies even have the choice of selecting area codes worldwide. This is a wonderful alternative for those who would like to choose an area code located where their family and friends are. For your unlimited calling plan, you can call your friends and family any time. But for those who are not on VoIP, they will thank you for giving them the choice of calling you on local rates.

VoIP operates in different forms. For instance, you can use VoIP when you use an Instant Messaging program with voice on your computer. These are very popular and now Yahoo, AOL, MSN, ICQ, and even Google have VoIP Instant Messaging programs. The benefits of these programs are that they are free to download off of the Internet and by using a microphone and your speakers; you can talk over the Internet with any of your buddies. As long as your friends and family members download the same program, you will be able to talk with them as long as you like and absolutely free. You can talk to anyone, anywhere in the world with VoIP Instant Messengers.

VoIP has proved that it offers great audio quality and is a perfect choice for meeting both residential and business telephony needs. As technology continues to advance, we can know that as we conduct our transactions over VoIP, the listener on the receiving end is hearing us with crystal clear audio clarity and that the future of VoIP will only have greater products readily available for its users.

Businesses also appreciate the ability to have integrated services. By combining audio, video, email and web-based applications, employees can better meet customer service needs and productivity again increases.

While many people are opting to go with VoIP, it still has some disadvantages. The main one is that it is hard to use 911 with VoIP. This is because the call is made from your computer network and not a landline phone. 911 will not be able to trace the phone call made from your VoIP phone and retrieve your address. Also, when you place your 911 calls, the dispatcher will not receive any of your location information. The FCC has issued rulings pertaining to this. Some options include registering with 911, when you call 911 giving them your information and location right away, or keeping a landline phone or cell phone available for use in case of an emergency. The latter may be the best solution for enjoying the best of both worlds.

To begin with, when purchasing VoIP services, you will be required to sign a statement that says you understand that your 911 services may be impaired by using VoIP. Some VoIP providers do not offer 911 services at all. Other providers will offer what is known as Enhanced 911. To use E-911 services, you may be required to first activate the 911 services. The most efficient way to use E-911 is to register your information with the Public Safety Answering system. They will take your name and physical address. That way, if you call 911, they won’t have your information readily available, but they will have it in their system. However, if you are out or away from your residence and call 911, your information will be useless. In a situation like that, you will need to clearly state your location. Your VoWiFi phone won’t reveal any of your local information, as a cellular phone will.

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