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1). The Fire Spoke To Chief Joseph On A Starless Night  By : Saleem Rana
In this scene, I imagine what Chief Joseph may have been thinking when he wrote his unforgettable words.

2). Effective Fiction Research  By : Eric Penz
The three reasons writers need to hone the craft of research.

3). Good Fiction is Credible Fiction  By : Eric Penz
Do you need to research to be a better writer? Author Eric Penz says "yes!"

4). The Published Novelist: Nine Essential Qualities  By : Inglath Cooper
What does it take to write books for a living? How can you make sure you take care of your gift?

5). The Three "Questions" Of Science Fiction  By : Steven Barnes
S.F. is often thought of as spaceships and aliens. While true, this is merely the surface. Look a bit closer!

6). Seven Ways To Connect Your Writing And Your Life  By : Steven Barnes
An introduction to a unique fiction writing program, designed by a bestselling writer, that connects the inner world of the artist with the outer world of the novel or screenplay. Suitable for both amateur and professional writers.


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