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1). Everything You Need To Know About Satellite Navigation  By : Dan Sherman
We’ve all had those moments where we wander outside and stare up at the stars, looking for comets or satellites and wondering what we look like from space.

2). GPS Applications Explained  By : Hunter Crowell
A look at some of the amazing things you can do with this great technology.

3). Five Uses For GPS Systems  By : Hunter Crowell
A look at some useful and fun things to do with this great technology.

4). GPS How It All Started  By : Hunter Crowell
A look at the history of this ever popular technology.

5). TrackStick: The Coolest New GPS Gadget On The Market  By : George Karonis
Learn about GPS logging device, GPS Trackstick

6). No Place to Hide With PDA GPS  By : Sandra Stammberger
GPS (Global Positioning System) use is increasing world-wide. It is an excellent tool for determining your position just about anywhere on Earth. When combined with software it is possible to pinpoint your position on a map via a computer or PDA.

7). TomTom GPS: The Navigation System to Go!  By : Sandra Stammberger
Aberrations when we travel make us sick and pretty annoyed. It might result to a lost career opportunity or lost chance of enjoying a privilege. Chances are, you have experienced a terrible aberration that makes you wish you have all the advantages of a TomTom GPS.

8). How is GPS going to change your life?  By : Sandra Stammberger
You may not realize it but it is getting harder and harder to live without GPS devices. Did you know that so many cell phones have GPS systems in them and so do cars and of course there are the GPS devices that you take camping and such. Every day a new form of GPS hits the market, in a few years we may have these systems implanted at birth!

9). Amazing Features of GPS Software  By : Sandra Stammberger
GPS software or Global positioning system technology allows people to effectively, create their ideal maps. It works off with 28 satellites, and allows anyone with a GPS unit to triangulate a position, anywhere in the world.

10). GPS Handheld Mapping Devices - What Is The Difference?  By : Dean Shainin
So many companies that offered GPS handheld mapping devices are operated today. Some of them are just among those many outstanding GPS handheld mapping providers such as Magellan, Garmin, Lowrance, and much more.

11). Remaining “Found” With GPS  By : Charles Kassotis
A look at GPS and its uses, as well as its limitations.

12). The Basics of GPS: It’s More Than Just An Electronic Device  By : Sandra Stammberger
Whenever we hear the term “GPS”, what would instantly come to our minds is a digital device with maps and other features that tells us our exact location on this planet. But do you know that such a device is just one part of GPS? The device is called a GPS receiver, and while it is indeed an important GPS device, it is just a part of a very large and complex system that allows us to measure our exact location on earth.

13). Make Traveling A Lot Less Stressful With the Right Type of Car GPS  By : Sandra Stammberger
Navigating using maps can be very frustrating especially if you are doing so while driving your car. This becomes even stressful when you are driving all alone in a strange territory. Sometimes, however, having someone with you won’t help either, because more often than not, your companion would end up confusing you more than helping you navigate the road.

14). Make Traveling and Navigation a Safe, Enjoyable Experience!  By : Robin Meyers
Did you know that there are approximately 7,000,000 RVs on American roads today, which include motor homes, travel trailers, folding camping trailers, truck campers and van conversions. If you're one of the many folks getting ready to take a trip in your RV or Camper and want to be sure to arrive at your destination safely and confidently, plan ahe...

15). GPS Buying Tips For Technophobes  By : Gary Ruplinger
Black glasses with masking tape holding them together and a pocket protector are no longer a required part of the uniform for GPS owners. GPS has gone mainstream. But if you’re still not up to date on what it is and how it works, and if you’d like some advice on what to buy, this article will bring you up to speed. A GPS device is lik...

16). GPS – Know Your Exact Position Anywhere In The World  By : Sharon Albright
GPS [global positioning system] is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from the constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. It is a system mainly used to locate the user’s position at a time. Although GPS was originally intended for military applications, but now it is mainly used in marine, location-based services and terrestr...

17). GPS: How Does It Work?  By : Steven Johnston
The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system put into place by the U.S. Department of Defense and is a network made up of 24 satellites in orbit around the earth. The satellites orbit the earth at about 12,000 miles, are solar powered, they transmit a signal of only 50 watts, and travel at speeds of about 7000 miles per hour...

18). Cell Phone GPS Tracking - Privacy Issues  By : Alan Chestnutt
Although there are many advantages to cell phone GPS tracking, there are also privacy concerns. As most people carry their cell phone with them at all times, the ability is in place to track the exact movements of all individuals. Is this a case of Big Brother, and who can access to this information? Cell Phone GPS tracking can prove u...

19). Tracking Your Teens With GPS Tracking  By : Shawn Davis
GPS tracking devices are becoming more and more popular today as companies use them to track travel activities for company cars and trucks. They have previously proven their worth in law enforcement, as excellent ways to help in the prosecution of criminals. As a private individual, you may want to use your GPS tracking device not only as a theft d...

20). Tracking Your Children With GPS  By : Sintilia Miecevole
From the moment children are born their parents naturally worry about them. Are they hungry? Are they warm enough? Are they sick? Soon parents face the surrounding dangers as toddlers start to crawl, walk and run. The hazards seem to be everywhere. As any parent knows, the concerns only become deeper seated as children get older. Safe...

21). GPS Vehicle Tracking Data: What Do I Get?  By : Ken Sink
What information is provided by GPS vehicle tracking systems? Here is a summary and examples of how you could use data provided by GPS tracking devices: Location data: Latitude and longitude provided in degrees, minutes and seconds. It is accurate to 33 feet, which is as accurate as any commercial GPS device. A vehicle’s location is up...

22). GPS Vehicle Tracking - A Guide To The Tools Available  By : Steve Armstrong
GPS – What does it stand for? Global Positioning System – Now, it is mainly used for navigation, both terrestrial and marine. Initially it was used by the U.S. military for locating and identifying friends as well as foes. The system uses military and commercial satellites for tracking anything that moves and has an emitter with or on ...

23). How Does GPS Work?  By : Joel Noah
Global Positioning Systems rely on receivers that are now the size of a pin and satellites, 24 to be exact, that act as “man-made stars” that create a network of constellations to mathematically determine measurements as accurately as to the centimeter. There are five keys to how a GPS (Global Positioning System) works: T...

24). Benefits Of GPS Tracking Technology  By : Colin P
If you are a person who spends a great deal of time on the road, or if you are a person who is concerned about his or her personal safety when you are out and about, you may want to consider installing a GPS tracking in your automobile. In the 21st century, more and more automobile manufacturers are including GPS tracking systems in their products ...

25). 5 Top Picks For Handheld GPS  By : John Rivers
Before, people have laboriously made sure they know where they are heading to just to avoid getting lost. They created detailed maps, erected landmarks, and memorized the positions of the stars in the night sky. But that was before. Later, with the availability of accurate maps, nobody has to memorize the stars in the sky and nobody ha...

26). Using GPS for Fishing!  By : Simon Wyryzowski
Some things you can do with GPS on your fishing trip include: 1. Patterning 2. Recording casting areas, scouted regions, and shoals 3. Plot exact coordinates of that 'perfect fishing spot' and go back whenever you'd like 4. Add your own journal, notes, and even digital pictures memorable locales 5. Create your own cust...

27). Improving Business Cost Efficiency with the Spy Matrix GPS  By : Shawn Davis
Quite a bit of a company’s waste can be traced back to the practices of its employees. If you have a business where a company car is used, abuse can lead to your cost efficiency going down. Tools like the Spy Matrix GPS can help you keep tabs on your employees, and make sure that they are using the car only to do appropriate things to help your bus...

28). GPS - Never Get Lost Again With Satellite Navigation  By : Richard Cussons
When we travel, we tend to think of the destination, rather than the roads we take to get there. After all, who wouldn't rather dream of the vacation as opposed to the hours spent in a cramped car with the kids asking every few minutes, "Are we there yet?" But, the truth is, we have to know where we are to get to where we're going. Tha...

29). The Military and GPS Tracking  By : Shawn Davis
GPS tracking is one of the most interesting technological advances of our time. GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and is used just for that. GPS can be used to find anyone with a tracker anywhere in the world. This is because the whole system makes use of the satellites that occupy the space above the earth. With special signals, and a litt...

30). GPS Vehicle Tracking  By : Frank Hague
GPS monitors have a multitude of legitimate uses, but have also generated controversy as they further diminish privacy. Some customers of car rental companies have complained that their movements have been tracked without their consent by the installation of GPS vehicle tracking systems in rental vehicles. However, the positive uses of this technol...

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