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1). Presentation Skills - The 7 Rules of Visual Design  By : J. Douglas Jefferys
The following comprise the rules of presentation visual design that, if heeded, will almost always assure that your audiences will be able to follow your ideas every step of the way.

2). Presentation Design – The Good, The Bad, & The Mediocre  By : J. Douglas Jefferys
Your job as a presentation designer is to make ideas into visual images. For your presentations to work, the visual images must convey exactly what you want to say and require the least possible effort on the part of your audience to “get it”. The difference between a visual that works and one that fails is good design.

3). Presentation Skills - Proper Slide Delivery  By : J. Douglas Jefferys
The only way to assure your presentation audience will stay with you every step of the way is to maintain proper eye contact throughout your presentation.

4). Confidence For Speaking In Public  By : Jason Johns
People are more frightened of speaking in public than of dying. This article gives you some ideas for become more confident speaking in front of people.


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