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1). Waiting On God--A Lesson On Prayer From The Eagle  By : Leonard Scott
This article deals with the importance of waiting on God and developing a meaningful relationship with Him through prayer.

2). Perceiving the Divine in All  By : Robert Elias Najemy
Here is another excellent method of moving into prayer of meditation. It can also be used as a meditation in itself.

3). The Da Vinci Code: What can Christians Learn from it?  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
Dan Brown wanted fame and he has received it. However, Christianity will benefit from this controversy “in the long run.” For the first time, many people are reading and searching for factual information about Miriam of Magdala, Templars, Crusades, Inquisitions, Cathars, Gnostics, and the formulation of the early Roman Catholic Church.

4). Christian Time Warp  By : Olga Moe
If Holy Spirit transcends the trappings of time and space, then why are some Christians still talking about slaves, warriors, battles,and conquering nations?

5). Change Leads to Power!  By : Ann Stewart
When the Lord requires you to change your lifestyle, He not only gives you the power to do so, but the result is a much more powerful you!

6). Blessed to Be a Blessing  By : Ann Stewart
To be blessed means to be consecrated, set apart, and highly favored. When God blesses you, He does not leave anything out. It is more than personal happiness, wealth or well-being.

7). Why You Should Write Down Your Vision  By : Dan Brown
It is vital that we know exactly what we want out of life. We must know where we are headed, and we must keep a fixed goal in view.

8). How to Move the Hand of God  By : Dan Brown
It’s easy to just say whatever you think God wants to hear, but He is not fooled by words. He knows our hearts.

9). Power of the Spirit!  By : Peter Capili Haahr Hansen
It is not a question about if the Spirit is moving, it is a question about if you are wiling to be moved by the power of the spirit, the Holy Spirit.

10). A Phenomenal Global Trend  By : Peter Capili Haahr Hansen
And the search goes on Loneliness, emptiness, suffering, sorrow, sickness, fear, despair, war and poverty the list goes on. These may be some of the struggles many of us face each day. No matter where you are in the world, what you do or who you are, the imperfections of life have their way of getting to you. However, the greatest battle one faces is

11). Be Courageous!  By : Ann Stewart
"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest."

12). The True Test For Knowing If You Are In Christ Jesus  By : Dana Smith
Do you know the true test to really know whether you are in Christ Jesus or not? If you do think you know, then read this article and put yourself to the test.

13). What does it mean to be Christian?  By : Robert Elias Najemy
My logic and faith in the wisdom and justice of the Divine is that all religions have equal access to the one and only Divine Being.

14). Be Lifted Up!  By :
The secret to being lifted up out of your troubles is to praise God

15). How to Tell What is Really Going On in Your Mind  By : Dan Brown
The “thinking” referred to in Proverbs 23:7 is not a conscious thinking as most people believe. That would be the “thinking” in the mind. It is the thinking that takes place in the heart that creates your expectations for future experiences.

16). Fulfilling the Tide of Persecution Prophecy Part I  By : Dana Smith
This is the first part of a two part series. Part one the Prophecy Spoken

17). The Mourning Process  By : Diana Burg
I think we, no, I should say I, often forget that grieving is an extremely individual process. No one can really experience grief in the way I do, and no one can experience it in the way you do.

18). Is There Purpose In Suffering?  By : Sharon Young
We don’t have to be in this world long before we experience pain, failure, disappointment, frustration or a myriad of other means of suffering that cause us to grieve. We’re destined to suffer.

19). The Stages of Grief  By : Diana Burg
Elizabeth Kubler Ross wrote about the five stages of catastrophic loss in her book,” On Death and Dying”. While she was speaking to the terminally ill patient, most people have found that the stages she defines work as well for almost any kind of grief.

20). Israel In Sight Of The Burning Fires  By : Dana Smith
We have been warning about the coming conflagration that will involve Israel for along time. The scripture below paints the picture very well. Israel, with Jerusalem as a centerpiece will become the eye catcher for all nations

21). 6 Ways to Let Those with Chronically Illness in Your Church Know You Care  By : Lisa Copen
Too few churches recognize how many chronically ill people are in their church: 1 in 3! How can we reach this population in pain?

22). Mothering, Nurturing, and Me  By : Dana Smith
I was a scrapping male, from the very start. Over 9 pounds and some ounces, born to a young Wyoming farm girl in Whittier California. Over the years mom would have many problems to cope with.

23). Church On the Run  By : Beverly Vines-Haines
The American church is going AWOL. One family, one pastor, one person at a time, people are walking away. These departures have gone largely unnoticed, but there is an exodus and it is well underway. Christianity is not for sissies.

24). Israel working hard, losing everything  By : Dana Smith
Israel, the Chosen people of God. This article looks at this nation who is so despised among the nations in light of the Gaza pullout.

25). A Review Of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe  By : Gregg Hall
The long awaited screen adaptation of the C.S. Lewis masterpiece doesn’t disappoint. The work of Lewis has long been admired, especially by the more intellectual of Christians. Lewis, a former atheist, used symbolism a great deal in his books and this movie is a perfect example of that.

26). Christmas in Your Heart  By : Saleem Rana
What would happen if you got carried away with the spirit of Christmas? Who knows, you might just change the world. Find out how.

27). Were You There?  By : Ann Stewart
You can now live a victorious life here and with Him in eternity. Healing, prosperity and happiness are yours right now!

28). God Has Not Cast Away Israel, Why I Support Israel  By : Dana Smith
Romans gives us solid scriptural evidence as to how God is dealing with Israel. Moreover, the bible also reveals that God will indeed deal with this nation in the last days before His coming.

29). The Healing Touch  By : Ann Stewart
How to build your faith in order to reach out and receive your healing

30). A Precious Inheritance!  By : Ann Stewart
You ARE precious and can have an inheritance in Him!


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