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1). The Thrill Of Playing Scenario Paintball  By : Gregg Hall
Scenario paintball is an incredibly fun variation of paintball where the game is based on missions that recreate real historical missions or fictional missions that are designed to accomplish specific goals.

2). If You are Going To Play Paintball You Have To Get The Right Gear  By : Gregg Hall
Playing paintball is lot of fun but it can be painful without the right gear. Investing in a little extra safety gear will make your playing experience much more enjoyable and keep you from getting injured unnecessarily.

3). Getting To Old Or Too Tired To Play Sports? Start Collecting Instead!  By : Gregg Hall
Sports memorabilia collecting can help fill your time with an enjoyable hobby and give you a diversion from the hassles of life.

4). Is It Soccer Or Football And Where Did It Begin?  By : Gregg Hall
Of course, diehard fans of Manchester United will tell you that the modern version of football or soccer as it is called by many came into being in England, but others all over the world claim that the invention of the sports belongs to their country.

5). Paintball Tactics Of Professional Paintball Players  By : Gregg Hall
If you are going to really get into the sport of playing paintball you are going to want to learn some tactics that will help you to survive longer on the field as well as have a better chance of winning more games.

6). Football Season Is Almost Here – Who’s your Favorite?  By : Gregg Hall
If you are a fan of college football you had to enjoy last season no matter which team was your favorite, the season played out right for a change with the top teams and as it turns out, and the top players battling each other.

7). Want To Be A Great Soccer Player? Practice Makes Perfect  By : Gregg Hall
The truth of the matter is that the single thing that makes every great athlete a great athlete is practice. Soccer is no different; the greats Pele, Ronaldo, and Beckham all have this in common. They practiced constantly to the point of exhaustion and beyond.

8). Soccer Training - Speed Training For Football Game  By : Chris Chew
How to train and play a fast pace soccer game

9). How Reading Golf Books Can Drastically Improve Your Game  By : John Bolt
Every golfer loves a little help with their game. Find out how golf books can help you play better golf.

10). The Reign of King Richard  By : David Stargel
An article describing the great career of Richard Petty on the NASCAR circuit.

11). Having A Career In Sports  By : John Kortex
Dreaming of a sports career.

12). Get The Perfect Dartboard And Install It Properly  By : John Morris
Dartboards are typically made of sisal fiber and a slim metal wire lines every section. The numbers showing the scoring sections in the board is usually made of wire...

13). What You Need to Know About Helmets  By : Mike Freemen
Helmets are a vital part of just about every sport, from biking to horseback riding. This article focuses on what to look for in a helmet, and how to get the best deal.

14). The Truth about Karate for Kids - Part 4  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
Karate class gives children an outlet for life’s daily stress. Children today have too much stress with unstable family units, bullies, peer pressure, and financial worries. The Karate studio serves as a bridge between academic school and the family unit. Children have a safe place to “vent” their frustrations, when they come into a Karate class.

15). Triceps Exercises To Build Big Muscular Arms  By : Chris Chew
Tips on how to build big triceps muscles.

16). Playing Sports As You Age  By : John Kortex
When you’re old and you don’t play, you’re really missing out.

17). Get Some Exercise Through the Game of Paintball  By : James Hunt
If you’re going to play your first game of paintball there are some things that you’ll want to know to make the game easier for you and less frightening. Sometimes just knowing what to expect can help make the game more enjoyable...

18). Sports And Weightlifting Injuries Treatment  By : Chris Chew
How to treat sports injuries caused by weight lifting.

19). Sports For The Disabled  By : John Kortex
Playing a sport may help you recover from your disability.

20). What is a Tennis Racket?  By : Ivar Rudi
Having the perfect tennis racket is going to be the key in your game. You do not have to have the most expensive racket, but you do need to have one that fits your body and the way you play the best.

21). Jacked Up Baseball Equipment Truths!  By : Mike Corrado
Baseball: the great all-American pastime. Few of us can remember a summer from our childhood that did not include throwing a ball around or running the diamond. Today, baseball is all of that and much more. Baseball equipment has become as advanced as the space station…well, maybe not that advanced, but it is certainly more complicated than when we were kids! The point is baseball is not just a game anymore.

22). Why We Watch Sports – (And It’s Not What You Think)  By : Jason OConnor
Whether you want to believe it or not, we like to watch sports for very different reasons than you may think. What things can we learn about human nature by simply looking at our fascination with competition? The answers may surprise you.

23). Soccer Betting - An Introduction  By : Rob Mellor
An introduction into soccer betting and the advantages of betting on football over other sports

24). How to Use A Free Golf Swing Video To Help Improve Your Game  By : Dean R. Iggo
Tips on how you can use a free golf swing video, found online to effectively improve your game.

25). The History of Darts  By : James Hunt
The sport of darts actually began as training for people who were interested in martial arts (archery). Darts itself began in Medieval England, and is still...

26). Horse Racing Betting, a Beginners Guide (Part 1)  By : Rob Mellor
Quickly take yourself to been able to select winning horse racing bets from only a few quick lessons. Learn what to look for when selecting horse racing tips.

27). The Truth about Karate for Kids - Part 3  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
As long as the basic foundations are followed, the child who practices Karate should find independent solutions, just like any other artist. I often compare this to music; and here is my comparison, “I can give you the notes, and teach you songs, but it is up to you to create your own songs.”

28). Choosing Tennis Shoes  By :
Good tennis shoes do several things apart from covering your feet, and tennis is a sport, that is very hard on shoes, and feet, so you need to find a shoe that will last, and one that is not too heavy, bearing in mind some factors

29). Golf Stretching Equipment - Eliminate Injuries And Play The Best Golf Of Your Life  By : John Bolt
Stretching before every round or practice session is critical. Learn how to aviod injuries and play better golf with the use of proper golf stretching equipment.

30). Choose The Right Snow Skis - Part 1  By : Ron King
Snow skiing is one of the most popular winter sports in the world. This is a fun sport, but without the proper ski gear it can be frustrating, discouraging, and even dangerous. This article will help you select the single most important piece of equipment, the skis themselves.

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