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1). Mr. Bin Laden: Tear this Wall Down  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
You have wasted your money, and time, on a message of hate. It is easy to incite young people with the message of intolerance and violence. What a shame, when you think of all the people you could have helped

2). US in for a long haul in Iraq?  By : Abul Kasim Islam
The US is likely in for a long long stay in Iraq. Like it or not, the war was fought,and won. Coalition troops are not encountering much res

3). Autism, ADD, ADHD - Vaccine Related  By : Evelyn Pringle
Autism, ADD, ADHA - Vaccine Related According to the most recent estimates by the CDC, about 1 in 150 children in the US suffers from an auti

4). Unfolding the Alexa Mystery!  By : Bill Vannot
Is it essential for marketers to understand how Alexa  ratings work? Are they important to the success of your  e-business? Keep reading!

5). The Tragedy of Cyprus -rescue by US marines of FBIS staff in  By : A. Djev. Basharan
THE TRAGEDY OF C Y P R U S~by A. Djev. Basharan (1974)-author & formerly of the FBISA memory of the day of a military coupI ha

6). Of Snakes and Terrorism  By : Maureen Metcalf
With the passing of Arafat, the Middle East will take on a slightly different face, allowing the possibilities for prophetic fulfillment to speed

7). President CNNMSNBCFOX  By : AmeriPundit
Media coverage of the ongoing Bush/Sheehan matter is worth following, not for its substance - that is sorely lacking - but rather, for the audacity t

8). Jesse and Al should read this!  By : Doug Bower
Instead of getting all bent out of shape over innocuous remarks made by the President of Mexico, perhaps the Lord and Prince of African-American Ideol

9). African Aid  By : William Cate
African AidByWilliam CateAfrica, like everywhere else in the world, has its fair share of honest, intelligent; hardworking people who

10). Moving America Backwards: Censoring Michael Moore  By : Scott C. Smith
If the group Move America Forward has its way, come June 25th, you will not be able to see Michael Moore’s new film, Fahrenheit 9/11. Why? Wel

11). Tim Berners-Lee: A Tribute  By : Mark Meshulam
It's hard to be impressed anymore. But when I learned of the phenomenal achievements of Tim Berners-Lee, I became not only impressed, but awestruck.

12). Professional Writers Learn To Manage Their Emotions  By : Bonnie Boots
Summary: Learning to survive in the marketplace requires some fancy emotional footwork. Read these tips for raising your writer's emotional I.Q.

13). Mortarless Bricks: The Wavering Walls of Globalization  By : G.Brigaldino
Reflections on Social Organization - Information (i.e. economic or political) and knowledge management skills are essential tools for embarking on and

14). How To Tinker With Social Security  By : Paul Griffitts
The rhetoric about "tinkering" with Social Security in the name of setting aside some of the contributions to private investments is only a play

15). The Internet Right – Are They Doing It Right  By : Rev Michael Bresciani
Viewing things as a whole it would seem that the internet right is providing some powerful contributions that the rest of the media right can’t provi

16). Osama Swings Election  By : Ed Howes
With all the noise about undecided U.S. voters through the Summer of 04, it is safe to assume more than two per cent were undecided a few weeks before

17). Don't expel Jews from Gaza!  By : David Ben-Ariel
The following photos and words are shared with us from Israeli Yuval Zaliouk (who is from Haifa but also has a home near Toledo, Ohio). See for yours

18). Shoot to Kill  By : Eddie Everett
For days I have been trying to find the right words to post about the poor bloke who was shot by the London Police.I have thought - fuck this

19). A Tale Of Mythical Proportions  By : J.J. Jackson
Here we go again! Without fail after each major natural disaster the unprepared and those sympathetic to them see prices increase because of shortages

20). The 25 Fallacies of President Bush's State of the Union Addr  By : ARTHUR ZULU
On 20 January 2004, George Bush Jr. the President of the United States gave his last (?) State of the Union Address. In this article, I will p

21). Club of Rome and Education  By : Robert Bruce Baird
The Club of Rome: Eugenics is a lot like all the other arrows in the quiver of the social engineer. Francis Fukayama’s book The End of Histor

22). Trade-Off - Vaccine Maker Profits = Autism  By : Evelyn Pringle
In 1997, Congress passed the FDA Modernization Act, which required the FDA to review all drugs that contained mercury and determine their adverse

23). Shadow Parker does it again  By : suzy Parker
The Parker book hit the web a month ago and already it is a hit. In just a little over a month the new Shadow Parker book is an overwhelming

24). Earning Extra Income as a writer  By : Kevin Casey
After leaving my job and moving to Thailand I bought an old laptop in order to stay in contact with my grandchildren via email. I didn't realize

25). Bush's Mental Health Program Endangers Children and Will Ban  By : Melissa Gordon | October 20 2004
The story in the news is that Bush is endorsing a mental health program that will target children in schools for mental health screenings. The commiss

26). Love Prisons (from Prison Series)  By : Ed Howes
The American criminal justice system is not appropriately named because it meets justice to criminals. It is appropriately named because the justice

27). Our Credit On The Latest Economical Move Of The Government  By : Frederick Alday
I heard that the Arroyo administration expects at least P 124.7 B in incremental revenues from tax measures and other tariff adjustments th

28). Rent - A - Pundit  By : AmeriPundit
Television’s “talking heads” share a symbiotic relationship much more important, to them at least, than politics and/or ideology. This relationship c

29). Bush Administration Set to Change Environmental Laws  By : Gary R. Hess
The Bush Administration has announced that within the next few months a rewrite of the three decade old document protecting environmental areas agains

30). Time for Reform of Politicians  By : Shirley deLong

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