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1). A Review of Limewire Free Music Download  By : Ian Koch
After reviewing other so called free download sites, the Limewire free music download software almost meets all the criteria of the pre-Napster disaster.

2). Is Downloading MP3 From File Sharing Programs Legal?  By : KB Lim
File sharing programs such as KaZaa, Ares, iMesh and Limewire have never been more popular. They are pretty controversial as well. You may have heard of the countless lawsuits against them by music records companies and the MPAA. So is downloading MP3 from these programs legal?

3). Free Music Download Programs – The New World of Music Sharing  By : Ian Koch
The internet has changed forever the way music is listened to and distributed. While earlier it took days for a newly released song or album to get into the hands of the end-user music listener, the internet now makes this process almost instantaneous.

4). Information about Music Downloads  By : Ian Koch
Download of free music was an unknown concept just a few years ago. If you wanted music, you had to purchase a CD or a vinyl record at the music store. Now things have changed.

5). Master Your Guitar Craft: The Steps to Advancing Towards Master Guitar Player Levels  By : Arland Kent
Numerous guitar music lovers look up to professional guitarists, speculating on just how they rose to become master guitar musicians. Many think such greatness comes from natural endowment. In actuality, there are other steps to growing and becoming a top guitarist.

6). Change Your Life With This Song!  By : Daegan Smith
Remember that song "Dust in the Wind?" You may think it funny but some of the biggest mysteries of life are written into the lyrics of that song.

7). Where to get safe and legal downloads for your iPod on the cheap!  By : alicia guidry
All about iPods, safe and legal downloading of movies, music, television shows and more.

8). Electric Guitars Have Come a Long Way!  By : Timothy Rea
The electric guitar has evolved from a basic Rock and Roll instrument to a well-respected instrument with many artistic possibilities

9). The Future of MP3 Digital Music  By : Dave Poon
Recording, playing and listening to music has never been more fun that it is today. Through the Internet, you can easily download songs and listen to your favorite music anytime of the day and wherever you are.

10). Understanding the Kodaly Method  By : Bradley Smith
This article introduces the Kodaly Method for developing musical literacy in young children. It is understood that musical literacy is similar to language literacy in the way that children develop musically.

11). Learn To Play Music On Guitar  By : Fame Ahmed
When you learn to play music on guitar it is one of the most rewarding things you can learn. It can be used at a variety of occasions and can also be used to make money when you become experienced.

12). Learn To Read Guitar Sheet Music  By : Fame Ahmed
When you learn to read guitar sheet music it will be vital in expanding your guitar playing skills. Playing by ear will only get you so far and I am here to help take it to the next step.

13). Easy To Learn Guitar Tunes  By : Fame Ahmed
When you first start learning to play the guitar you really want easy to learn guitar tunes to start with. Otherwise it is the equivelant of trying to understand French when you have only learnt the basic words.

14). Learn How To Play Air Guitar  By : Fame Ahmed
Your first step when you learn how to play air guitar is finding out what air guitar is. It’s not just pretending to play guitar there is a lot more to it then that, try to think of it as expressing technique through your movements and making it a visually pleasing experience.

15). Easy Guitar Song To Learn  By : Fame Ahmed
I am going to give you some tips on how to find an easy guitar song to learn there are many places to look, some better than others and some song’s easier than others

16). Learn Bass Guitar Online  By : Fame Ahmed
The Internet is a great resource for all things and as you will find guides to learn to play bass guitar online is one of them. Most people think it is impossible to learn to play bass guitar online but with the multimedia world we live in it is far from it.

17). Promote Your CD / Music: Win Over “Payola” And Get Heard!  By : Jaci Rae
With screams of Payola all over the industry and prosecutions to follow, the time is now for the indie artist!

18). Easy Ways to Learn to Play the Guitar  By : ian Williamson
Many people are interested in knowing how they can learn to play the guitar. First you must be dedicated to learning about the instrument before learning how to play it.

19). An Overview of Guitar Tuning  By : ian Williamson
The guitar is such a simple and convenient instrument: just open the case and start playing. Well, it’s not THAT simple. A good practice before playing the guitar is to tune it first.

20). How Bagpipes Are Constructed  By : Gregg Hall
Almost everyone I know loves the sound of bagpipes. I love the sound myself even though I am of Native American and French origin. Let’s take a look at what creates the unique sound of bagpipes. All bagpipes are made with an air supply, a bag, and a chanter. More sophisticated bagpipes may also include more chanters and drones to enhance the sound.

21). Buying A Guitar  By : Sanjay Johari
A guitar should be purchased with due care to avoid any problems with it in future. Here are some views on what you could look for in a new piece.

22). All You Need To Know About Synthesizers  By : Sandra Stammberger
Synthesizers are sound modifying and reproducing units. They can be either installed on a computer system or be physical like the classical synthesizers produced by Yamaha.

23). Learning 3/4 Guitar Strumming  By : ian Williamson
Learning how to strum is one of the most basic steps in guitar playing. After a beginner learns to do the basic 4/4 strumming, he can then move on to learning the 3/4 strumming technique.

24). Buying Your Ideal Guitar  By : ian Williamson
There are many types of guitars in the different music stores which are available for every one of all ages. If a person is interested in learning to play the guitar, it is important that he purchase his own guitar.

25). Playing the Bass Guitar  By : ian Williamson
Playing bass is plain and simple, just play the music from the heart, feel the piece and let the listeners enjoy the melody. Here are a few basic tips that could help beginners.

26). iPod Shuffle: Technology for a Lifetime  By : Sandra Stammberger
If someone said fifteen years ago that you could hold 240 songs in a device no bigger than a pack of gum, you’d probably be hauled off to the loony bin. But today, they are more of a reality than Survivor, the Apprentice and American Idol combined. This is an innovation brought upon by Apple with their iPod and the iPod shuffle.

27). Fasttrack Your Guitar Learning  By : ian Williamson
There are many reasons why many people are very eager to learn to play a guitar. This musical instrument brings so much fun and joy to a person when he plays it. Learning the instrument can be time consuming if there are no available tools that can help a person to learn the right and easy way to play the instrument in a short period.

28). Learn the Guitar - Learn the Lingo !  By : ian Williamson
The guitar is one of the most sought-after musical instruments today. Its popularity is manifested through-out the radio stations and the music videos on MTV. Almost all types of music in modern pop culture have been influenced by the guitar in one way or another.

29). Playing the Lead Guitar  By : ian Williamson
Imagine a famous music band playing when suddenly the lead guitarist’s instrument shut off. See? Everything becomes a blur.

30). Basic Guitar Buying Tips  By : ian Williamson
Guitars are one of the best musical instruments man has ever created. In fact, almost 65% of Americans know how to play the guitar. This is because learning how to play the guitar is as easy as 1-2-3.

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