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1). Contest Management and Mailings Database Management: A Marketing Plan For Winners  By : Gordon Petten
Contests can be an exciting part of a marketing campaign. But contest management and the attendant need for mailings database management must be considered before selecting a contest as part of any marketing campaign.

2). Corporate Internet Branding Fundamentals  By : Scott White
The Internet, whether through public Web sites, search engines, Internet radio broadcasts, and e-mail are very targeted. It is shown to reach the right target at the right time with the right message.

3). Branding Or Marketing? Same Or Different?  By : Kevin Dark
Brand tools can be a very important part of making your product available to the right people and at the right price. If you have a product then you must know why is going to be your audience.

4). How To Boost Sales  By : Saleem Rana
Your sales will rise when you can improve your communication and this depends on observing a few principles of psychology.

5). The 10 Keys to Branding Your Massage Therapy Business  By : Kim Nishida
Do you struggle to attract and retain the right clients for you? Do you yearn to have word-of-mouth renown? In an increasingly challenging market flooded with talented therapists and extremely savvy consumers, discover 10 Keys to developing a brand full of integrity that will inspire you, attract loyal customers, and make promoting your practice effortless.

6). It’s All About Marketing  By : Jaci Rae
It’s all about marketing and perceived value. How do you add value to your product and market it to success?

7). The 10 Building Blocks to a Becoming a Household Name  By : Kim Nishida
Do you struggle to attract and retain business? Do you yearn to be seen as an expert in the field? In an increasingly challenging market flooded with fierce competitors and extremely savvy consumers, learn how to develop a killer brand that will inspire you, attract loyal customers, and knock out the competition.

8). Mobile Marketing: Why This Method Of Advertising Is Working  By : Sandy Baker
In the digital age, companies that want to stay ahead need the tools to do so. Mobile marketing is one of those tools. This method of advertising allows businesses to connect to those that they need to, effectively.

9). The Beauty of Newsletters  By : L A Parmley
Newsletters just keep getting more and more recognition as a means for building profits in all types of businesses.

10). Defining Corporate Identity, Brand Identity & Brand Image  By : Scott White
Corporate identity is a company’s visual presence, which involves the corporate logo and design strategy for corporate marketing collateral.

11). What Is Brand Identity?  By : Scott White
A strong brand identity can position a company above its competition all by itself.

12). The Power of Small Business Branding Through Private Labeling  By : Jake Mayer
Using private label products as a means to enhance your companies brand. An overview of private label use and positioning in the market, highlighting the private label tea industry. See how this can enhance your margin and your brand!

13). On Branding  By : Avery Manko
If you think branding is just for large companies, think again - you may be overlooking the most important component of a successful business strategy.

14). Mobile Marketing: Why It Works  By : Sandy Baker
Mobile marketing is a type of marketing that is done throughout the world. It incorporates the use of the mobile phone to provide information, advertisements and other types of promotion. There is a great wealth of value in this type of product and service simply because of its ability to get right to the customer at the right time. By promoting in this manner, mobile marketing allows individuals to get just what they want when they need it. And, it allows businesses to reach their customers right on target.

15). Google Takes Manhattan  By : Scott White
Google’s Internet search brand is so strong that we forget how big a player it’s becoming in the world’s advertising markets. Even when we read the latest forecasts about its growing success, we tend to think exclusively about Google’s online brand image.

16). Growth in Store: Serving Up Opportunities for Private Label Tea  By : Jake Mayer
A survey of new trends in the private label tea market- demographic influences, changes in the overall views on private label goods, and business strategies. Highlights changes in the industry.

17). The Makings Of A Marketing Plan  By : Scott White
Fact is, just the thought of a “marketing plan” overwhelms many. Mention of projections, studies, demographics and segmentation are returned with blank spacey stares.

18). Using Niche Concepts to Catapult Your Website  By : L A Parmley
No matter how you plan to make money from the internet, you must learn that the most successful websites don’t try to be something for everyone. Instead they focus in on a narrow subject area – a niche. Whether you are promoting your own products or services or someone else’s, you need to hone in on your niche.


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