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1). Domain Names – The Good and The Bad  By : Mark Nenadic
Working on improving your rank within the different search engines – especially Google – can feel like a very complicated puzzle sometimes. This maze can be extremely time consuming; especially when you just complete one effort and then find out that they’ve once again changed the rules on you – rules that you weren’t even sure of to begin with!

2). Understanding Compression  By : Douglas Taylor
So many people have a hard time understanding what compression does. If the compressor is doing its job the way it should you do not know it is there. It is when someone is using his or her compressor wrong that it starts to stand out.

3). The Importance of a Web Site  By : Sandro Azzopardi
Needless to say, having a web site to promote your business or ideas is imperative nowadays. Nearly all households have access to the internet, sometimes even on more than one computer. The great thing about the internet is that it can reach the whole world, and not just your neighbourhood. Thus, if you have anything to sell or anything to say, everyone can get to know about it.

4). Choosing a Web Package - A Guideline  By : Sandro Azzopardi
So much choice and so much to choose from! Paying someone to design and develop a web site is not an easy task today with all the competition in the market, let alone hosting and supporting your site. And what about search engine optimization? This guideline will help you ask the right questions before you decide to whom you are going to assign this task.

5). The Advantages Business Web Page Templates Can Offer You  By : Jay Peterson
So many people have dreamt of watching their business thrive and grow into a widespread success with a lot of exposure. Many has seen the opportunity the internet has to offer in making this dream a reality.

6). Custom Creations; The Fantastic Way to having your Ecommerce Site Stand Out and Be Noticed  By : Jay Peterson
Your websites is your primary key to conquering the world of business in a global scope through the means of online communication. Having a website allows you to have an online store that can be browsed upon by millions of people all over the world.

7). 10 Good Reasons to add Royalty Free Music to Your Website  By : Gilles Arbour
If you want to add music to your website, Royalty Free Music is the way to go. Stay on the legal side without going broke, and feature high quality professional music.

8). Professional Website More Affordable Than Ever  By : Kevin Dark
A professional website will obviously get you more visitors and that can help you in the long run. If you spend a lot of time on making and designing your website then it will eventually pay off.

9). Understanding the Advantages of Using an E Commerce Website Builder  By : Jay Peterson
Taking your business in the competitive and fast paced realm of the Internet is a decision that will ultimately be very beneficial to your business. If done right, you can increase your profits like it never has before. This is called e-commerce.

10). 4 Effective Tips on Choosing a Web Builder  By : Jay Peterson
Hiring someone to build your websites costs considerably more than building it yourself. But it can be a good way to quickly get your site online and start doing business, especially if the site you intend to build is relatively complex or you need to implement an ecommerce solution.

11). Online Shopping Carts; Keeping Customers Happy  By : Gordon Petten
Online shopping carts, those wonderful little programs that every successful website that sells something needs.

12). Choosing the Best Website Templates  By : Gordon Petten
Website templates are the best way to keep a consistent standard website that makes things uniform and visually appealing to website visitors. Website templates make the starting of a new website easy and they freshen up an old website not so mind numbing.

13). Oscommerce Customization and You.  By :
There are a lot of services on the internet that offer templates and applications for oscommerce customization. When deciding on how to customize your website with the solutions that work best for you think about the aspects that you would like to see on the website.

14). How to Choose Colors for Your Web Site  By :
Take advantage of the impact color can have on your online sales and choose colors that will create positive responses.

15). The Real Reason Why Most Websites Fail  By : Solomon Rothman
There are hundreds of articles on what makes a website bad. The most basic of these present detailed explanations of common sense, such as poor navigation; the most in depth talk about complicated conceptions of overall design philosophy. My approach is different and surprisingly simple: the problem with most websites stems from the misconceptions their creators have about how the graphics, content, and other individual elements contribute to a website’s success.

16). Web Design for Speed  By : Mark Nenadic
Have you ever noticed that some sites are much faster than others. Or that some specific websites take a notably larger amount of time to load than others? Have you ever seen a site that begins by displaying only the background, and then shows the text all at once several minutes later?

17). Quick Ways to Accomplish Easy Website Design  By : Jay Peterson
If you are a web site developer then you are probably looking for easy website design ideas. Easy website design can be extremely useful for many people that are new to the internet and have very little computer skills. If you want to have a web presence or create an ecommerce site, then here are some tips for easy website design.

18). Understanding Your Website’s Copyright Issues  By : Mark Nenadic
Copyrights are what protect the work and the income of artists and authors by providing them with exclusive rights of control over the use and reproduction of their works. This can include music, art, wording, books, patterns, and all other types of specialized design.

19). Free Home Page Templates: A Cost Effective Way of Starting your Website  By : Jay Peterson
A home page is one of the most important aspects of any web site since this page designates the main point of entry of a web site. It also serves as the starting point whenever a browser connects to the Internet.

20). Subcontracting your SEO and Web development  By : Mark Nenadic
Web development for the SEO (search engine optimization) expert includes using copywriters to generate SEO articles. Writers are tasked with generating copy based on lists of keywords.

21). 3 Simple Steps to Your Own Website - Explained.  By : Batsirai Chada
So you want to build that website – for whatever reason, perhaps you’ve started a business or simply wish to share pictures of the new addition to your family.

22). Can Your Web Site Design Win an Award?  By : Mark Nenadic
At some point or another, you’ve likely come across a website or two that boasts (among other things) the winning of an award for its web design. Have you ever wondered if such an achievement is possible for your web design?

23). How to Customize Your Own 404 File Not Found Page  By : Mark Nenadic
We’ve all run into them, the dreaded “404 File Not Found” error page. When you land there, there are a few things that you can do next. On average, what do you usually do first when you hit one of those pages:

24). Create Your Own Web Site for Information Purposes or Ecommerce  By : Jay Peterson
Creating your own web site can be extremely quick, easy, and affordable. Today you can find plenty of tools that can help you create the perfect web site whether it is for pleasure or for commerce. If you are interested in creating your own web site, then here are some great tips that will have you up and running in no time.

25). Technology is Your Key to Web Design  By : Mark Nenadic
When it comes to technologies used within a web design, there are two types worth discussing. These types are client side technologies, and server side technologies. Client side technologies refers to the processing of the technology done within the visitor’s web browser.

26). The Importance of Building a Professional Web Site  By : Jay Peterson
There are various requirements in building a professional web site. The best part of building a web site is that everything you need is available for free in the internet. There is no need for any huge amount of money to spend on expensive software packages and programming manuals. Plus, there are loads of simple tutorials to guide and assist novice web designers.

27). Features for Professional Web Design  By : Mark Nenadic
The following features list are available to incorporate into professional web design depending on the focus of the website. The features are not always desirable, but can often add personalization to professional web design.

28). Build a Home Page the Right Way  By : Jay Peterson
A home page is basically the main page of a website which is the first thing that an internet browser or surfer first sees once he/she visited your site. This is part of a web page (though in this case since it is termed as “homepage” stands for the very first page or the ‘home” of the site) that features clickable links, illustrations and graphics displayed on the computer screen via web browsers.

29). How to Add a “What’s New” Page to Your Web Design  By : Mark Nenadic
By visiting a number of sites, you’ll probably be quick to notice that many of their web designs include “What’s New” pages or sections within other pages of the website design such as the home page. These sections are becoming increasingly popular among web designers as they’re an easy way to keep the content of your website’s design fresh and informative.

30). Stalking the Dollars with Ecommerce Web Designers  By : Mark Nenadic
Ecommerce web designers are specialists in web development. Their focus, obviously, is on ecommerce website design. The average individual may not realize that even amongst web designers, specialization is actually becoming more common. In fact, ecommerce is among the fastest growing marketplaces worldwide.

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