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151). HAS AMERICA GONE TO THE DOGS?  By : Thor Trewoofe
Copyright The Quipping Queen 2005.HAS AMERICA GONE TO THE DOGS? -- Or, "Woofstock" Here We Come! --Canucks take a good deal of pr

152). Hay Fever Is a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Thing  By : Joe Hickman,
Remember, hay fever is an allergic reaction caused by grass and trees. And should not be confused with grass and tree fever, which is caused by hay.

153). Hazards of Extreme Camping  By : J. D. Adams
Hazards of Extreme Camping By J. D. Adams Seeking direction as a youth, I bought a compass and wandered into the savage heart of the wildernes

154). Health Club Regulars – Some of the People You're Likely To M  By : Rich Rojas
One of the great benefits of belonging to a health club is the huge variety of exercise equipment that’s available. It’s also a great place to meet an

HEALTHY LIVING FOR THOSE LESS WILLINGAmerica is preoccupied with the subject of weight – more specifically about too much of it being atta

156). Hell is hot but it isn't a bad place to Live  By : Edward Kemper
Let's face it Hell has gotten a bad wrap over the years. I mean, is it really all that bad to go to Hell? It’s not so much Hell that’s the problem. I

157). Hercule Phallus and Early Viagra.  By : Thick Mick
Viagra; latin-ish for re-enforce, derived from the Greek veristrongViagra also means metasplint; meta from the Greek hidden a

158). Hillary Clinton To Become Republican  By : Tom Attea/
Hillary Clinton, long famously popular among Democrats but obsessively excoriated by Republicans, has decided to turn the tables on her opponents by becoming one of them. In an interview, Senator Clinton told us, “There’s an old political axiom that you never spend any time trying to get the votes you already have. So I decided I didn’...

159). Hispanic Immigrants Demonstrate; "Illegal" Not In Spanish Dictionary  By : Tom Attea/
Hispanic immigrants demonstrated by the thousands about what they claim is their right to become citizens of the land of the gringo. While we welcome the effort of everyone who wishes to become a citizen of our free and frazzled nation, we did note that there appeared to be no distinction made between immigrants who reside here in plac...

160). HOLIDAY IN HADES?  By : Theolonius McTavish
Copyright by Theolonius McTavish 2004. All rights reserved.HOLIDAY IN HADES? -- Or, more about life in the nether world from Our Man in H

161). HOW D' YA LIKE THEM APPLES?  By : Theolonius McTavish
HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES? -- Or, things you might have said to Eve had she tricked you into eating the apple --Copyright by Theolonius McT

162). How I Feel About Pirates  By : Charlie Hatton
Pirates are BAD because they steal booty from other people. The only people that should get to steal booty from other people is me. Also, I should get a pet parrot. And get to say, 'Arrrrr!' whenever I want. Pirates are GOOD because when I do pretend I have a pet parrot, and I walk around saying, 'Arrrrr!...

163). How NOT to handle bad breath  By : Kingston Amadan
We've all been there. You round the corner to your cubical ready to start the day's work when you are suddenly accosted by the familiar stench of a co-worker's bad breath. "Here we go again...", you think. "Another 'H'-filled tirade that won't ever permeate my ears because I'm too busy trying to keep it from permeating my nose."...

164). How Time Flies When I Am In A Hurry  By : Rev. James L. Snyder
Have you ever noticed that when you are on vacation time goes by rapidly? According to my calculations (and I'm the first to admit I didn't do well in

165). How To Cash In On Your ‘Ailment Capital'  By : Rev. James L. Snyder
Right after the president won his re-election bid for the White House, he made an interesting comment. He said he was going to spend his "political ca

166). HOW TO DO EVERYTHING WITH ...XP  By : Theolonius McTavish
Copyright The Quipping Queen 2005.HOW TO DO EVERYTHING WITH ...XP --Or, are you sure Windows XP can fly me to the moon and back? --

167). How to Drive Promote any Product  By : Christopher Given
Armed with an business idea, the basic questions must be asked. “Is there a market for my product or (service), and can it support me?Finding

168). How To Have An Argument With Yourself And Win  By : Rev. James L. Snyder
Throughout the years, I'm happy to report, I have learned a thing or two about myself. My only regret is I have not learned more than a few things.

169). How To Make Money With Blogs And RSS  By : All Blog News/Formerly Marketing Basics
Are you confused about blogs And RSS? Guess what? You're not alone. Most people are, even if they don't want to admit it.Well, it's time to cl

170). How To Make Money With Your Own Profitable Blog...Without Do  By : Marketing Basics
The above headline is absolutely true. If you've been looking for a way to make money with your own Internet business, without all of the work that go

171). How to Market your Home Business on a shoestring budget  By : A.M. Wilmont
There are a number ways you can go about marketing your website, many of which are quite inexpensive. Effectively marketing your Home website

In reviewing my schedule last week, I noticed one glaring omission. At the moment I was rather shocked at this lapse, however, I took some comfort in

This week I celebrate another birthday, which brings me to that auspicious milestone where I am right between 52 and 54. A person only comes to this s

174). How to Turn Your Marketing Into a Money-Making Machine - Exa  By : Josh Barinstein
As Claude Hopkins presented in his Scientific Advertising many decades ago, there are scientific ways of tracking your Marketing and Advertising and d

175). How To Write Classified Ads That Make Money  By : Dean Phillips
If written correctly, classified ads can be a very effective way to make money and build your business. That's the key, they have to be writt

176). Humorous Software? It's Going To Bust Your Chops.  By : John Deprice
Do you think software is boring? Think again. Software companies have developed products that change your voice, make funny pictures and even predict

177). Hurricanes have gone but political winds are blowing  By : Rev. James L. Snyder
Within the last six weeks, that gusty quartet comprised of Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne has lustily serenaded Florida. A repeat performance is no

178). I Bet I'll Get More Clicks By Putting Sex in the Title  By : The Epic
You know I post a lot of articles on Goarticles so I thought I would make one just for this site.Obviously you could use it and give credit by taking

179). I Can't Weight - One Man's Diet  By : Gary E. Anderson
I Can't Weight—One Man's Diet(From the book Spider’s Big Catch)Gary E. Andersonwww.abciowa.comLike many people, I've decided I ne

180). I Drank Tea in December  By : ARTHUR ZULU
The two writers laughed aloud as I ended the story. Not that it was the kind of thing that one likes to hear in the morning. Some would quickly go on

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