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1). Advantages of Bottled Drinking Water  By : Dan Sherman
During the summer, more water is consumed than any other time of the year. It is a time when everyone tries to stay hydrated and healthy while participating in various summer events.

2). Aromatherapy and Its Uses  By : Dustin Cannon
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils with the intention of improving one’s physical and mental well-being. An essential oil is essentially a liquid that is distilled from a certain plant.

3). Slimming and Diet Supplements: Do You Need Them?  By : Dustin Cannon
Every year, millions of people are tricked into buying slimming and diet supplements that work very poorly, if at all. You may have even been one of these people. These days, diet products are flooding the markets by the thousands. How can you ever choose the right one for you?

4). What Can Herbal Supplements Do for You?  By : Dustin Cannon
The past decade has seen the resurgence of herbal supplements. More and more people are looking for new and fresh ways to improve their health.

5). Why You Need Vitamins and Mineral Supplements  By : Dustin Cannon
For many decades scientists and nutritionists ridiculed the idea of taking vitamins regularly, saying that a well-balanced diet provided all the nutrients that a person needs.

6). We all Need these Vitamins - Vitamin B12 and Folacin  By : Keith George
During the last years the vital importance of vitamin B12 and folacin (folid acid) for our health has become more obvious.

7). Everything You Need to Know About Vimax  By :
Learn everything you need to know about new enlargement supplement Vimax.

8). Water World  By : Joseph Simcic
Everyone needs water to live. We must stay hydrated and keep ourselves from injury. We are going to talk about how we can supplement water into our daily lives easily.

9). Do I Need Daily Supplements to Stay Healthy?  By : Herbert Young
One would expect that by eating a healthy diet we’d have a very good chance of getting the nutrients we need to stay healthy. But so many factors affect the nutrient value of the food we eat.

10). Hoodia Gordonii – What’s It All About?  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
As I am sure you know, the diet industry is worth over forty billion dollars a year, and everyone is on the look out for the “next great thing” – in this case, Hoodia Gordonii.

11). Are Liquid Vitamins a Better Alternative to Pills?  By : Ben Adams
Looking at the pros and cons of taking liquid vitamins, compared with taking piils.

12). How to Reverse the Aging process  By : Ann Stewart
You can stay young, vibrant and healthy! In fact, even if you are feeling and seeing the effects of aging already, you can reverse the aging process!

13). Is Your Hoodia Cut With Caffeine?  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
Have you ever wondered why so much of the Hoodia that is also blended with Green Tea? Although Green Tea is a healthy free radical fighting antioxidant in itself, it is mainly added to Hoodia formulations to help speed weight loss. Usually the individuals marketing these Hoodia and Green Tea Formulas describe the formula as being synergistic.

14). The Science Behind Hoodia Gordonii  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
The plant is said to have a feel-good almost aphrodisiac quality, and I have to say, we felt good. But more significantly, we did not even think about food. Our brains really were telling us we were full. It was a magnificent deception.

15). The Importance of Drinking Water For Your Health  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
Water -the elixir of life. While the human body consists of over 70% water, few of us drink enough of it. However, water is involved in every aspect of our biological processes, including excretion, circulation and digestion.

16). Colon Cleansing and Weight Loss  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
Bernard Jensen, a very famous iridologist, first came up with a very important phrase that is revered by all alternative health practitioners - "Death begins in the colon."

17). Protein Diet – The Healthy Way Of Living  By : Kevin Pederson
You need protein for the repair and growth of the body. Protein is composed of chains of amino acids.

18). How To Handle Holiday Stress  By : Elodia Tate
Health Coaching tips, for handling the stresses of the holidays, in good health and with a sense of humor.

19). Nutrients For Great Eye Health  By : Linda Moore
Nearly 10 million adults are dealing with the first symptoms of Age related macular degeneration and close to a half a million people have suffered vision related loss from late-stage AMD. Cataract surgery is the most prevalent procedure performed in America accounting for more than 2 million surgeries every year.

20). How Herbs Can Harm You And Things To Avoid  By : Gregg Hall
Herbs are good medicine. There is no doubt about that fact. However, there are over 300,000 higher plant species. A good herbalist may know of one or two thousand of them. This means that even an experienced herbalist can make mistakes. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems.

21). Vitamins for Kids  By : Charles Kassotis
Check out these tips for giving your children vitamin and mineral supplements that are purchased over the counter.

22). A Closer Look At Yohimbe  By : Gregg Hall
As a bodybuilder I have probably tried just about every natural testosterone enhancing product available for enhancing muscle growth, the side effect of many of these products is enhanced sexual performance as well. There are also some side effects that are unwanted, such as heart palpitations and insomnia. In this article I want to look closer at Yohimbe.

23). Knowing More About Anemia  By : Kevin Pederson
Anemia means lack of red blood cells due to which there is lack in oxygen carrying ability to the body. This state of body leads to tiredness and other health problems which cannot be good for your body to fight against the diseases.

24). How Vitamin Supplements Can Help Keep You Healthy  By : Hege Crowton
The environment we live in is becoming more and more toxic each day. Even the foods we grow are laden with pesticides and grown in mineral and vitamin depleted soils. Your body needs vitamins and minerals in order to keep your immune system healthy.

25). Ginseng - The Perfect Body Tonic and Anti-Aging Supplement for All!  By : Stephen Todd
Ginseng is the most famous Chinese herb, and it is the most widely recognized plant used in traditional medicine – with a legendary reputation as an overall body tonic, rejuvenator and anti-aging supplement.

26). Benefits Of Brussel Sprouts  By : Kevin Pederson
Brussel Sprouts are very important nutritionally because they have a long season and are one of the top providers of vitamin C, a cupful weighing 100g (4oz) will give, when raw, over 100mg of vitamin C, which is more than twice as much as the same weight of orange.

27). Q & A On Vitamins And Minerals  By : Gregg Hall
Q- What about vitamin and minerals. Do we get enough from our food or do we actually need to supplement? A- It depends on where you are coming from and what culture. Again if you get variety in your diet there is probably no need for vitamin and mineral supplement.

28). Botanical Dietary Supplements and Threapeutic Plant Products  By : Nicky Pilkington
What is a botanical? The study of plants is called botany, so a botanical is a plant, or part thereof, that is valued for its medicinal or therapeutic properties. Some people groups have used these botanical – or herbal - supplements for thousands of years to alleviate some conditions. However, even though they are gaining in popularity, many professional health carers in the western world still doubt their usefulness.

29). Creatine Helps Athletes Increase Energy and Endurance  By : James Hunt
If you’ve ever known a workout-fanatic, you’ve probably heard the word creatine, once or twice in your lifetime. Creatine is a supplement for those that workout...

30). Super Tasting Herbs For Super Health  By : Lee Dobbins
Find out about our favorite herbs that taste good and can help keep you healthy too.

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