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1). Coral Calcium – The Elixir Of Life?  By : NamSing Then
Are there 200 human diseases? We don’t know; perhaps a doctor can tell. But proponents of coral calcium as human dietary supplements claim that the gifted mineral from Okinawa lagoons near Japan cures more than 200 diseases.

2). 10 Ways to Stay Healthy  By : Terence Young
If you wish to enjoy the pleasures of life, you have to stay healthy. To stay healthy you have to give up certain undesirable habits and maintain discipline in your eating and living habits. Given below are the ten commandments of staying healthy.

3). Bilberry Fights Night Blindness And Other Diseases  By : Kevin Pederson
Over centuries bilberry has been used for its medicinal purposes. Similar to blueberries and cranberries, bilberry also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities.

4). How To Have An Effective Diet  By : Joseph Then
Almost everyone has been on a diet at one time or another in his or her lives and unfortunately, the success rate on diets are poor with very little permanent weight loss. By following the guidelines below, those hard to get rid of pounds and inches could finally disappear.

5). 4 Steps to Preventing Childhood Obesity  By : Anne Wolski
Unfortunately, obese children often grow up to be obese adults. They are then likely to suffer diseases attributable to this obesity and the economic costs to the community are substantial. There are four main steps all parents must take in order to prevent childhood obesity in their children.

6). Importance Of Soya  By : Kevin Pederson
Soya bean has been part of Chinese diet for many centuries. As we all know soy has many health benefits which due to the presence of soy-proteins and isoflavones genistein and daidzein.

7). Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba  By : Rich Marsiglia
Gingko Biloba is a medicinal plant with healthy attributes.

8). Benefits of Folic Acid  By : Rich Marsiglia
Information regarding the importance of folic acid in ones diet.

9). Sports Nutrition: Why Your Diet Matters  By : Dustin Cannon
When it comes to sports, your body is your tool and you have to keep it in top shape to be able to perform like you need to. No matter if you are involved in a high energy sport like soccer or a milder sport like golf, your body takes its toll when you exert in for any type of sport out there. So, your diet is very important

10). Artificial Sweeteners Create Problems  By : James Brunton
Artificial sweeteners are in many processed foods and drinks today. What can they do as well as sweeten things. Take a quick look at this article to find out.

11). Low Carb Cooking versus Low Fat Cooking  By : Mike Singh
You must have heard of low carb cooking and low fat cooking. Well what are the benefits of introducing these in your diet?

12). The Different Causes of Vitamin B12 Deficiency  By : Paul Ghossain
Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common problem throughout the world, especially for the elderly.

13). How A Nutritional Approach to Migraine Can Help  By : Michelle Fraser
How nutrition could help migraine sufferers cope and relieve their condition.

14). Have a Healthy Body and Mind for Stress Management  By : Abbas Abedi
A fundamental insight into managing your stress in everyday life.

15). Amla/ Indian Gooseberry – The Complete Health Tonic  By : Kevin Pederson
Indian Gooseberry also known as Emblica Officinalis is known to be a robust source of Vitamin C. Due to its strong, cooling and laxative properties it has been widely used in hemorrhage, diarrhea and dysentery.

16). The Truth About Junk Food And The Effect On Your Health  By : Joseph Then
Let’s face it, junk food is, as the name suggest, just pure junk. While it tastes great, it has very little nutrition content and it will cause some health issues in the near future.

17). Is Fat Necessary?  By : Adrian Kennelly
Is Fat Necessary? is like asking "Is Crime Necessary?" or "Is it Necessary to be Fat?" The implication alone is bad, like asking "How Often Do You Beat Your Wife?" Of course, the answer to all of these questions is "no."

18). Eating Low on The Food Chain: Vegetarianism  By : Barney Garcia
Vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular. Some people chose to become vegetarian because of health issues, animal right issues or they simply don’t enjoy the taste of meat. There are several types of vegetarians which include semi vegetarians, who still eat meat, but eat meat and all animal products in small amounts.

19). Are You Eating Healthy?  By : Jean Bowler
How to tell if you have a healthy diet.

20). Losing Weight by Following Your Natural Body Cycles  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
Today, many people are looking for easy ways to lose weight, improve their health, and to eliminate any illness. You can use “The Natural Body Cycles” to get maximum health and weight loss.

21). What Are Phytochemicals?  By : Gregg Hall
Phytochemicals are chemicals that occur in growing plants. It’s just another catchy term. It is more about food antioxidants and the role they play in metabolism and cholesterol and heart disease.

22). Steroid Effects; Anabolic Steroid Information!  By : Bob Howard
Two Chemical Classes Of Anabolic Steroids!

23). How Do I Choose Good Foods?  By : Gregg Hall
Following the food pyramid is a good place to start and maybe it’s a good place to end for some people. If you take all the food somebody eats at the end of the week and then add them all up and how much variety there was, you will find that there really wasn’t that much variety.

24). Stay Healthy - Eat Seafood!  By : Sandra Stammberger
Seafood is extremely nutritional and contains high levels of protein and fish oils, primarily omega-3 which is an essential fat required as part of a good balanced diet.

25). The Art of Eating Healthy  By : Charles Kassotis
There are many reasons people have poor eating habits. Evaluate yourself and your habits before you start trying to change.

26). Fruits To Be Eaten During Summer  By : Kevin Pederson
With summer up on us, there are hordes of juicy, tasty fruits that you can sink your teeth into. They are good for the nervous & respiratory system and lead to healthier looking skin. They are approx 80% water with high natural sugar giving energy to one and all when eaten fresh and ripe. Gorge on these sweet luscious fruits this summer -

27). Feed Your Body: The Proper Nutrition For A Triathlon  By : Mike Herman
Any sport or activity requires you to provide your body with the correct fuel you need to successfully complete the task at hand. This is especially true for athletes attempting to compete in a triathlon.

28). 6 Tips For Summer Weight Loss  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
Enjoy food this summer and yet maintain your body weight. Here are some useful tips, but please do remember that not only knowledge can work for you,you have to ACT on them

29). Achieve Better Health With Dietary Supplements  By : Nicky Pilkington
In the year 2005, more than 187 million consumers depended on daily dietary supplements to provide the nutrients omitted from the daily diet...nutrients that are needed to attain and maintain optimum health.

30). When Studies Mislead: The Skinny on Low Fat Diets  By : Richard Helfant
The recent, well-publicized government study claiming that a low-fat diet does not cut health risk was flawed and its conclusions are dangerously misleading.

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