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1). The Second Business Which You Never Know You Have  By : Helmut Flasch
You forgot, or never knew, that you do not own one but two distinctively different businesses and yet are running it as one. Lack of this knowledge results in one business being not operated and worked on and thus financial hardship is as certain as the sun will rise tomorrow.

2). The Biggest Problem In Your Department  By : Damian Driessen
The workplace is a pressure cooker that is ready to explode. And there is one thing that is consistently the biggest problem in your department. Learn about this one thing and how to overcome.

3). Six Sigma Certification  By : Tony Jacowski
What Six Sigma certification really require?

4). Six Sigma Black Belts – What should they know?  By : Tony Jacowski
Six Sigma Black Belts – What should they know?

5). How Positive Motivation Can Affect Your Online Business  By : Carl Hoffman
If you have an online business, you know that there can be times when it is frustrating to keep the business going. Online business can often have their ups and downs.

6). Six Sigma Certification – Benefits for your Business  By : Tony Jacowski
Six Sigma Certification - Will It Really Benefit Your Organization?

7). Lean Six Sigma – 5 Reasons Your Organization Needs It  By : Tony Jacowski
Lean Six Sigma – 5 Reasons Your Organization Needs It

8). A Heart-to-Heart Talk about Process and Change Management  By : Dutch Holland
Both process management and change management are hot topics today, but there seems to be a good deal of confusion about their definitions and relationship. This article uses an analogy of heart surgery to explain how they need to be used together in order for organizations to deliver improved business results.

9). Reduce Inventory Shrinkage - Put 2% of Your Annual Inventory Cost back in Your Pocket Using "Sticks"  By : Jim Hawkins
How to cut annual Inventory Shrinkage costs in half with the use of an integrated Point of Sale system, using both “the carrot and the stick” approach.

10). Manage your Inventory by using Inventory Management Software  By : James Hunt
If you have a company that handles large amounts of inventory you’re going to want to have a system in place that lets you manage your inventory in a way that you always know exactly what you have on hand, what has been sold and spoken for, and what stock you have arriving...

11). 5 Ways Great Managers Improve Employee Performance  By : Cathy Warschaw
How to improve your employees performance in the workplace.

12). Crash Testing New Products - Performance Testing Guide  By : John Morris
When it comes to new products, there is always that one final task that needs to be done before the said product can actually be approved or not for by the target market...

13). The “Right” Approach to Running an Organization  By : Carl Hoffman
In my last edition of leadership we dealt with selection of leadership style, based on individual and organizational variables. Another way to look at leadership is to consider how it is used. We will now explore the leader’s selection of the “right” approach to running an organization. One way to deal with approaches to leadership is to consider builders and fixers.

14). Six Sigma Online Training  By : Tony Jacowski
Online Training vs. Tradional Classroom

15). Defining Supply Chain Management  By : James Hunt
Companies that deal with inventory will have to have some sort of system in place to effectively manage the supply chain that exists for any type of sales. A system of inventory needs to be as smooth running as possible so that a company is able to fulfill all its orders in a timely manner...

16). Tips to Avoid Business Failure  By : Tom Perkins
There are many reasons why businesses fail. Most can be overcome if you just take the time and fine-tune your business. See how your business might be able to improve.

17). Feedback is a Gift  By : Martin Haworth
Feedback is a gift – when done properly. The very word strikes fear into the hearts of millions of workers every day, yet it need not be that way...

18). Business and Performance Skills of the Employees and Managers  By : James Hunt
The success of a company or business is often determined by the business and performance skills of the employees and managers within the company. The more qualified and knowledgeable the team is the more efficiently the business will run...

19). Change Management: Finding the Order in Chaos  By : James Hunt
The term ‘change management’ tends to leave people in the dark, often seeming vague and somewhat mystical. “Does it have something to do with counting pennies...

20). Six Sigma Defined - Praises and Criticisms  By : Tony Jacowski
The good, the bad, and the ugly of Six Sigma!

21). Putting Professionalism back in Management Consulting  By : Harry Greene
I have seen many changes in my forty years as a professional management consultant, particularly in the business change and management improvement practices. My specialty is applying information technology for the benefit of the business. In the 1960s and 1970s, we developed information systems from the ground up to satisfy user requirements. It wa...

22). Appraisals: Learn How To Love Them  By : Eric Garner
Appraisals have a pretty bad reputation in many organizations. Managers dread having to give them and employees hate having to take them. But by simply focusing on 7 high-value components of appraisals, you can turn them into one of the most important activities you perform… and start to love them. Here are those 7 features. 1. Re-s...

23). Tips To A More Effective Project Management  By : Robert Thatcher
Gillian is at the end of her wits! They only have less than three months to finish the project and yet all things seem to be going wrong. And to top it all, there's little financial resources left to finish all things that needed completion before d-day! To an expert's eye, Gillian's problem all boils down to improper project manageme...

24). Conventional business change is the problem not the solution  By : Harry Greene
Since the beginning of business, various methods for operating and developing the business have been identified and refined. These have evolved into the conventional methods that we use today. We improve management and effect business change by adding new conventional methods on the existing methods in place. We now have a large busine...

25). Getting Along with Critical People  By : Todd E. Linaman, Ph.D.
We all have to deal with critical people at times. You know the type - the person who can spot a flaw from across the room, gives unsolicited advice, frequently complains and passes judgment, is negative and seems impossible to please. We can all be critical. Every day, we literally critique everything that goes on around us consciousl...

26). Change Management In Practice: Why Does Change Fail?  By : Jonathan Palmer
“Resistance to change may be active or passive, overt or covert, individual or organised, aggressive or timid……… and on occasions totally justified.” Sadly most significant change fails to meet the expectations and targets of the proposers. The failure is given the catchall name “resistance”, yet resistance can be principled and creat...

27). Make Your Business Effortlessly  By : Alex Smith
“Free Your Time” Of course, information rules the world. Modern man deals with e-information. But many inconveniences are waiting for him. If one wants to work with business papers at home, it’s necessary to copy all the files on flash drives or CD beforehand. But copying can be too annoying if the number of files and essential applica...

28). Design For Six Sigma  By : Peter Peterka
Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is the application of Six Sigma principles to the design of products and their manufacturing and support processes. Whereas Six Sigma by definition focuses on the production phase of a product, DFSS focuses on research, design, and development phases. DFSS combines many of the tools that are used to improve existing prod...

29). Better Approach for Bigger Results  By : viojieley
Two scenes of beauty and happiness, side by side on the television. Flip: a preview of the latest hot model of cards for 2006. Flip: the most recent addition to the fully high-tech camera phones. Flip: an ad of the latest hot perfume for men. Flip: a new commercial of one of the flourishing fast food chain in the country. Flip: a preview of what wi...

30). Goodwill Builds Partnership: A Constructive Dialogue  By : Harvey Kraft
The value of business goodwill is in the throws of a major revival under the tent of mutual interest and partnership. Amid a global partnering boom, the future value of your business is at stake. Go-it-alone competitive practices are for the scrapbook. Partnering opportunities created by the communications and distribution...

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