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101). Shiatsu
What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu, literally means: Shi = 'finger,' Atsu = 'pressure

102). The Incredible Human Psyche
Deep within the realm of your subconscious is the centrifuge, or cerebral core of all Human possibilities. Therein, lies the key to...

103). The Resonance of a Childhood Memoir
Lost, is the resonance of a childhood memory, in the scuddle of daily work routines, home maintenance and the juggling of career and family.Al

104). To have or Not to have: How Many Pets should an Owner own?
Many potential pet owners think that owning a puppy is cute -- or that having a puppy is all fun and games; when in fact, puppies grow up to be som

105). Why Don't I Understand My Dog?
I have encountered folks who have complained to me about their numerous (dog) `behavior problems.' And interestingly enough, I usually discover that m

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